Spot of the Week: Greek Elections

The Greek elections are being held today, and the names of some of the runners in the vote are rather interesting. The two keys ones I want to mention are these two: Evangelos Venizelos and Louka Katseli.

Evangelos is the former deputy Prime Minister of Greece, and is the current leader of the Greek political party PASOK, replacing George Papandreou (the former Prime Minster, prior to Greece’s financial problems).

The name Evangelos is, unsurprisingly, Greek and means good messenger; the name is related to rising starlet Evangeline.

As for Louka, she is the leader of the Greek political party Social Agreement, which was formed this year by expelled members of PASOK, who opposed the country’s new loan deal with foreign creditors.

Louka is very much a take on the whole Is Luca a boy or girls name? debate. It is the female form of the Greek male name Loukas, which also happens to be the original Greek form of the name Luke.

This week’s picture rather set me off:


Wallace and Gromit are an extremely popular duo here in the UK, but neither Wallace nor Gromit have ever really made any impact in the popularity game.

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One thought on “Spot of the Week: Greek Elections

  1. Sebastiane

    I grew up with an Evangelos, but went by “Evan” outside his family.


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