Spot of the Week: Greggs

The Budget came out a few weeks ago now, but the furor surrounding aspects of it remain. Turns out there was a march in Cornwall surrounding the so-called pasty tax; the aim of such a tax would apply to all food sold at above ambient temperature. One of the key oppositions to the VAT-change is high-street superstar bakers Greggs. The brand began with one shop in the 1930s, but these days the outlets number to around 1500. I’ve seen stats saying that it is a bigger fast-food chain than McDonalds here in the UK.

Now, I’m not suggesting we all start naming thy children after a chain of bakers, but whilst Greggs has experienced up and up success, the name Gregg has been experiencing the opposite: since 1996 the name has fallen from #976 to not ranking at all. Gregg last ranked in 2006, with 4 little ‘uns given the name that year. Variant spelling Greg, on the other hand, still ranks – but barely at #2036, down from #354 in 1996.

The name Greggs comes from the founder’s surname, but Gregg is also a short form of the name Gregory, which means watchful, alert.

Aside from Greggs, today it was announced that Dwain Chambers is free to compete in the London 2012 Olympics, after having his ban overturned. A rule has been in place for 20 years stipulating that any British athlete could not represent Team GB if they have a doping convinction, but this has been overruled by the World Anti-Doping Association.

The name Dwain is a variant spelling of Duane, which means descendent of Dubhán; Dubhán means dark, black. The popularity of the name Dwain is rather sporadic, he didn’t rank at all in 2010, but did in 2009, 2007, 2005 and 2003.

To end, I quickly snapped this bus timetable on Friday when Sawley caught my eye:


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2 thoughts on “Spot of the Week: Greggs

  1. Awkward Turtle

    Maybe as a more feminine version of Sawyer, although a few girls get that already.


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