Weekend Post: Off-the-beaten Track

I’m often noting down names, usually because they make me go hmm, more than anything. Sometimes they go on to get a mention on this blog, other times they’re committed to the draft graveyard of despair.

Quite a few of them, however, I’ve actually been pairing up with more popular names and it produced this delightfully mis-matched list. What exactly is it? Well, it’s the England&Wales Top 10 names for girls paired up with possible alternative names which do not rank at all, i.e. used for 3 or less girls born in England&Wales in 2010. All these names are ridiculously off-the-beaten track, and a few you may question. But hey ho,

Note: these are sound-alike alternatives, not so much similar -style ones.

Olivia – Odile

Sophie – Sosie

Emily – Casmilla, Emerant

Lily – Eily

Amelia -Mella

Jessica – Sycamore ! 

Ruby – Rue

Chloe – Clotho

Grace – Grier, Greer

Evie – Elfie

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Post: Off-the-beaten Track

  1. Sebastiane

    I adore Odile, Casmilla, Mella, Rue and Clotho is cool.

    I really like Sycamore but prefer it on a boy 🙂


    • Yeah, I think Sycamore would work best for lads too – it was a spur of the moment thing to stick Sycamore in this post after I realised JesSICA, SYCAmore.


  2. Awkward Turtle

    Another alternative to Sophie is its medieval nickname Sovay.


  3. Jess

    Odile is great. I also think Olympia is a nice replacement.


  4. Sebastiane

    Ooo, Sovay is kind of cool.


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