EDF have rolled out a new advert lately, which involved a cute little thing dancing along to Electric Dreams. Why yes, I do love the advert, but it also has me thinking about a different side to the name Blue.

You see, Blue has been covered before as a colour name, and then there’s the très chic French version of Bleu which really grates me when people pronounce it the same as Blue. I don’t have many pet peeves, but that is certainly one of them. If you’re wondering, Bleu is pronounced kind of like bleurgh.

The colour Blue has associations with both sorrow and calmness, indeed the music genre of blues is said to have been born from sadness.

But enough of the sadness, what I really want to do is talk about the electronics view of the name since the advert was talking about EDF’s Blue+ Price Promise for low-carbon energy. Fun stuff, but it’s something I want to talk about given that there are also several other names one could consider in the category of ‘techo names’ – such as Siri, Apple and maybe even Mac. The former two are both rather current, given that Siri was Baby Name Wizard’s Name of the Year in 2011, and Apple was used by Gwyneth Paltrow – although she wasn’t born exactly yesterday (turns out young Apple is only a year younger than my littlest sister). On the other hand, we have Mac, who recently made an appearance in Upswing’s Failure to Launch series.

The other key use Blue has in the technological world is bluetooth, a rather lovely open wireless piece of technology used to exchange data over a short distance. I know my mobile phone is bluetooth enabled, but it’s not a feature that I used particularly frequently. In terms of why the name bluetooth? apparently the name of the system was inspired by the name of an epithet of Harald I of Denmark.

That I can understand, but since I’m no elite mathematician, I’ll just simply state that Blue is also used as the name of an algorithm for active queue management. There’s also a brand called Blue Microphones who manufacture microphones – stating the bleeting obvious there, I know. Finally, I’ve also found that one of the most popular aviation fuel, 100LL, is dyed blue.

So, Blue. My youngest sister still isn’t convinced by the name, still insisting that since blue is a boys colour then the name Blue is a boys names. It’s quite sweet logic, admittedly. What I think about Blue is that it could certainly pick up after Beyonce used the name for daughter Blue Ivy born in January 2012, but why choose Blue when you could choose Lou ? 😉

Actually, don’t answer that. I remain intrigued, however, but the concept of techie names. It’s still mostly a niche, especially given that Siri was a Scandinavian girls names long before the piece of technology came along, but could an app inspire a name boom? Thought for the day?

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