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Grandad made a slight error when noting down the famed Mr. Fawkes' name

I mentioned on Sunday that I’ve been helping my Grandad write pub quizzes recently, and it was a fun exercise in testing my general knowledge. It also threw out a handful of interesting names that I’ve been itching to talk about, mostly because I don’t think I’ve seen the majority of them given mention before on a name blog, and that simply sucks. There’s no real connection between these names, apart from the fact that they make an appearance in my Grandad’s pub quizzes; I guess that sort of reflects the randomness of the questions one usually finds in such quizzes.

1. Benazir

As in, Benazir Bhutto, the first female to be elected in a Muslim state. Her name is of Pakistani origins, indeed she was the 11th Prime Minister of Pakistan that she lead, and means incomparable. Ms. Bhutto was assassinated on the 27th December 2007, and on the 28 July 2008 Islamabad International Airport was renamed Benazir Bhutto International Airport in her honour.

2. Jenna

This came from a question revolving around the recent announcement that Jenna-Louise Coleman will be taking over from Karen Gillan as the Doctor’s companion in the Doctor Who franchise late on this year. Jenna is both a Finnish diminuative of Johanna and an English variant of Jenny. In terms of the latter, Johanna is ultimately a female form of John, whilst Jenny was once a diminuative of Jane but has evolved in recent times to be a short form of the once-popular Jennifer. It’s also worth noting her similarities with Gemma, which holds the distinction of being one of those names I only ever seem to see on a.) British girls and b.) girls my age. If you know of a non-British Gemma who isn’t in her late teens/early twenties, I’d love to know.

3. Manila

The capital of The Philippines, which holds the distinction of being the most densely populated city in the world. Records about the city can be traced back to the 10th century. When Spanish conquests first arrived in the 15th century, Manila became a hub of activity thanks to it’s ideal location, leading it to receive the nickname of Pearl of the Orient. Similar names to Manila included the French Manon and maybe even Camilla.

4. Marengo

The name of Napoleon’s famed horse, which was named after the Battle of Marengo fought in 1800 between France and Austria near the Italian town of Spinetta Marengo. That kind of gives a multi-cultural edge to this name, which reminds me in sound of Chicago – another city name we’ve covered once before.

5. Marigot

The capital of St. Martin, it was named after the swamp on which it was founded. St. Martin is noted for being one of the smallest islands to be divided between two countries – in this case France in the north and The Netherlands in the south, a division dating back to the 1640s. Marigot resides in the French half of the island, and Marigot could be seen as a new take on Margot/Margaret.

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One thought on “Pub Quiz Heroes

  1. eponymia

    Always liked the sound of Benazir — and really like Marigot, hadn’t seen it before.


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