Spot of the Week: Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen, from

Today marks the return of Name Spot, although I’ve since dropped the former part of the name. Let’s be frank, before I took this post out of circulation, I was neither here nor there with this post. Some weeks I covered many names, other weeks only a select few received a mention – and they always seemed to be coming from the same source. Things just didn’t feel right, and I began to fret. My resolution? To just keep to talking about three.

Ironically, the ideas for this post came surprisingly easy. My Grandad has taken up writing his local’s weekly pub quiz, and I was brought in to give ideas for modern pop culture questions. I’ll be honest, compared to most teens, I’m not a fountain of knowledge on popular music, so we took to the music channels and happened upon young Carly Rae. You may have heard of her too, she’s been #1 in the UK Singles chart for two weeks running now with the surprisingly catchy Call Me Maybe.

The name Carly is fairly commonplace for girls my age, but it’s Jepsen I want to talk about. It’s a well-known fact I think that I’m a fan of Jenson Button, and his name is becoming popular amongst parents: in 2010 he ranked at #96 in England&Wales. Jenson Button entered Formula 1 in 2000, driving for the Williams team, and his name shot up from #1664 to #273 in just one year. A few months ago, I called the name Jenson quirky and recognisable to the British public. So, what about Jepsen?

On a completely different line of thought, I took part in my first Grand National sweepstakes this year, my horse? Neptune. No, not the Neptune that won – the other Neptune. Two horses named Neptune in one race? It seems so, and I’m proud to say he finished 13th out of 40 runners, although technically only 15 horses actually finished the race. My Grandad’s horse was called Weird Al, who fell at the 27th fence.

Finally, to end, a picture I shared on Twitter, which I quickly snapped from a car I was travelling in the other day:

I never seem have a day off this habit of seeing names everywhere, me. However, hello Bingham.

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2 thoughts on “Spot of the Week: Carly Rae Jepsen

  1. Sebastiane

    Jepson and Jenson are both rather appealing.


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