Marginamia: O Girl! Beyond Harlow, Marlo, Willow and Shiloh

Lou: I remember being thrilled to bits when I stumbled onto Marginamia when she was only two posts old. Here was a new blog with a completely different way of looking at names: part style, part names – a wonderfully new concept and one I hoped wouldn’t die out. Well, Marginamia is still delighting us today, but we’re really diving into the coffers for this delight, which was only Kristen’s 4th post. 4th! What I love about this post is that it took a pretty standard list we’d all read before (-O Names), but Kristen well and truly put her own stamp&spin on it; that, rocks.

 Arrow scarf by Wikstenmade. I love everything Jenny Gordy does:  herblog, her fabrics, the silhouettes (and every detail, really) of her garments, this scarf.  And? and it’s name! (photo courtesy of her blog, and taken by Lena Corwin)
Stunning bag by Me & Arrow. and it’s name!  (photo courtesy of Me & Arrow.)
Who doesn’t love this haircut on the lovely Mia Farrow? oh my, and those adorable freckles!
India Hicks with her Domino (photo courtesy of her website). What a stunning portrait. I’m crushing on her name, and her father’s middle name–Nightingale (which I’ve toyed with using to honor my own mother, as a sort of homage to her middle name, Gail).

Elle as Cleo. I’m sold on this girl and her acting chops.
I have made no secret of my love of names that end in -o (or the -o sound) for little girls.  I don’t find them to be at all masculine or even terribly unisex sounding. I found my youngest daughter’s name by looking specifically for names and words (in many languages) that end in -o.
Some of these are a bit surname-ish but pretty, none the less. The surname trend gets a bad wrap, and I understand why, but just “Is it pretty?”  I think with all of the following names we can safely answer, “Yes!”
My current favorites:
Valo — of course.
Arrow — so pretty to say.
Echo — love the meaning, the story, the sound.
Clotho — this is the Greek equivalent of my oldest daughter’s name, Nona.

Hallow — looking for a new faith name? you found it!
Billow — love this nature name.
Yarrow –this is one special plant name

Farrow — such a beautiful sound to utter, and I love the color it represents. there is the pesky relation to pigs, but who in the world knows that?
and the rest of the lovelies:
Bow — as in bow and arrow or the musical bow.

Meno — Plato’s book, itself. the character might not make a great namesake
Belissimo — a beautiful middle. We use Bella, so why not?

Vallo — this spelling means ‘fortress’.


Meadow — I never watched the Sopranos, myself, and I think fewer and fewer people will have this association, especially people our children’s ages. I remember getting teased at school (gasp! and I’m fine),when I was four, for “shooting J.R.”   Yes, from the show Dallas. Kristen shot J.R.  It’s a faint memory, and only with me still because I freakishly remembereverything, not because it had any impact. you have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?  Exactly.
Soprano — ditto above
Brio — does the toy company bother you?

Kahlo –surname, but after a very cool female pretty.
Clio — I will never tire of it.
Domino –nn Dom or Mino.
Sappho — I guess some are bothered by her story, but why? Are we really still there? please say no. beautiful name and connections!
Juno — I wouldn’t let the popularity of the movie character deter you. This is your daughter’s generation, not yours. Only cinephiles know movies 15-25 years older than they are, so even if it is related to the film for them, it’ll be cool points for kiddand her vintage film name. Not to mention her goddess relation.


Avo — I had an Aunt Avo (long a), and it was her given name. We seriously considered this one. Fantastic alternative to Ava.
Margot — I’ll have a butterscotch sunday, I guess.
Yoko — for the musicians
Nico — ditto

Doro  fantastic nn for Dorothy or Dorothea.
Gallo  wine connection? Someday I will tell the story of how this became a name for me. It involves Joanna Newsom, but it’s not for today.
Laylo — my beautiful musician friend’s name. and yes, she’ll be profiled.
Rocio — ‘dew’. so pretty.
Umeko — love the Plum association, obviously.
Coco — I don’t care if this is getting more used; its lovely and a great nn for so many other lovely names: CosimaCosetteColette


Flow or Flo — as a nn for Florence or Flora, or just on it’s own

Ro  nn for Romilly, Romilda, Rimona(‘pomegranite’),RamonaRowan,Romance, or Rosamond.

Did I leave anything out, you guys? Do you have any favorites?  I can’t wait to hear from you all!
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6 thoughts on “Marginamia: O Girl! Beyond Harlow, Marlo, Willow and Shiloh

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  2. Poppy528

    adding – Hiero, Minnow, Velo


  3. thanks for your kind words! I only expect this list to grow and grow!


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