Next Week

Snapped at Futuroscope by me!

My house is in a state of chaos right now, and whilst this fazes me not, the building works we’re having has finally hit home (ha ha) because next week the internet is going on holiday, and that spells difficulties for posting.

Alas, I’ve come up with a rather ingenious solution which involved not writing much at all, since scheduling cover posts is not my most favourite activity – and I seem to be doing it more frequently than I’d like.

I admit that I may not always be the most religious of commenters, but I do read other name blogs as frequently as I can because my approach to blogging is by no means perfect, and so it’s good for me to continually see how others approach the task; most probably do so with a lesser degree of chaotic eclectic-ness than me, but isn’t variety the spice of life? That’s my excuse anyway.

That means that this week, I’m taking the opportunity to sit back and share with you all a selection of articles from other blogs which have helped to inspire me in some way or another. It’s an eclectic selection of posts (as it could only be with me), and hopefully you find some inspirations too.

Also, good news for Name Spot fans: It’s back the week after next. If you didn’t catch the tweet, the series was taken out of action to allow me to re-evaluate my approach to writing it and the time has come for it to be re-introduced into the weekly rotation. As a forewarning, I’m thinking of doing the same with all my other weekly series in time, because I don’t want to get predictable. That just isn’t me.

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2 thoughts on “Next Week

  1. angelamastrodonato

    For some reason I prefer scheduling my posts a week in advance. It takes the edge off for me. But I make exceptions for newsworthy events.

    There is a downside to this. For example, I sight a lot of US Social Security Statistics in my posts and I know the list will soon get updated for 2011, probably sometime this month.

    Next Friday’s spotlight name post is already scheduled with stats from 2010, that I may need to update for 2011. I’m nervously checking the US Social Security Popular Baby Name site daily expecting an update every minute.


  2. Looking forward to the revamped Name Spot! Enjoy your quasi-break from the interwebs 🙂


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