Names that Rock the V


I don’t think I can call to mind a single relative of mine who has a name with the letter v making up a part of it, but that doesn’t mean I’m not seeing the letter more frequently of late. It’s actually surprising just how many instances I’ve seen names contained the letter v of late, however, there’s certainly nothing wrong with this; I strongly associated the letter with the phrase V for Victory.

Indeed, the idea for this post really started to brew after reading this post and that post over at Midwinter Names whilst I was trying to catch up with all the posts I’ve missed due to recent business. Both posts contain a list of names popular in Sweden, and I couldn’t help but notice that dozens of them contain our new favourite letter:

  • Alva
  • Elvira
  • Lova
  • Lovisa
  • Nova
  • Olivia
  • Tuva
  • Vera
  • Alvin
  • Arvid
  • Edvin
  • Gustav
  • Kevin
  • Ludvig
  • Melvin
  • Oliver
  • Viggo
  • Viktor
  • Vincent

Coincidence? Possibly, but it may be the sign of bigger things nevertheless, especially if you couple those names with some of the other names I’ve seen in the past week or two elsewhere:


The month of April is here and both Elea and Cristina made mention of it in a dedicated post. Avril is, of course, the French for April, whilst the Goddess Venus is strongly associated with the month, not just the tennis player.


British celebs Konnie Huq and Charlie Brooker welcomed a son named Covey recently. Now, that is one name I never expected them to use, although I did wonder about whether or not they’d use a C/K- name of relative disuse as Konnie and Charlie‘s birth names are Kanak and Charlton, respectively – not exactly day-today names.


This name recently won March Madness over at Appellation Mountain alongside Arthur, she was also recently mentioned in an article as a name in consideration by Robbie Williams for his daughter due in September; the legitimacy of the claim remains to be seen. I can hear a sound similarity to Jennifer, but whether she hit the dizzing heights of popularity that Jennifer once enjoyed remains to be seen.


A Russian tennis star by the name of Anastasia Myskina welcomed a son called Pavel at the beginning of March – but I only heard of his birth the other day. My first thought was Ivan Pavlov, he of Pavlov’s Dogs fame, and then the Stark Trek character Pavel Chekov. The name Pavel is an international variant of Paul.


I caught my sister watching a new Disney show this week called Jessie, and one of the main characters is an Indian lad named Ravi. I think that Ravi would make for an interesting, international alternative to the popular David.


Recently mentioned over at Marginamia in her fourth installement of her delightful series regarding Finnish names. I’ve long held a love for both Suvi, meaning summer, and Lumi, meaning snow.


Surprisingly a popular topic of late: he’s been mentioned on eponymia, Waltzing and Baby Names From Yesteryear within the past fortnight. Now, that really is a spooky coincidence.


Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli recently welcomed a daughter named Virginia, which was one of the names put forward in Upswing’s Guess the Unfairly Dated Name Challenge; I guessed Vera.

Has anyone else seen any interesting v-filled names recently? Or have I been the only lucky one?

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3 thoughts on “Names that Rock the V

  1. Some of my favourites of the moment have a very strong V sound. I definitely think that it is a trend that will become more and more popular.


  2. Emily

    What about Lavinia? I think she could appeal to parents here in the States looking for something frilly beyond Isabella and Olivia. Her old-fashioned feel makes her all the more charming, and she comes with versatile nickname options. Liv for a spirited girly girl or Vinny for a spunky tomboy?

    I have Vera, Octavia, and Lavinia on my (longer) list right now.


  3. Just saw Vincent featured by Abby at Nameberry … I directed her here. Everyone is getting on board!


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