Sibset of the Week: The Coombes & Dailys


I’ve covered dozens of musical families in this feature – mostly this is by pure chance since I usually stumble upon the family about a fortnight before they feature in this series of posts. This week, it’s a musical theme with a dash of voice acting squeezed in between.

Today’s main Dad is the former frontman of Supergrass, with the drummer already receiving a mention in this post. Gaz Coombes was born Gareth Michael and heralds from Oxford. Together with his partner Jools, he has two daughters:

Raya May


It’s an interesting mix of names – with the repeating sounds of Raya May and the ambiguity of Tiger; the latter name does rather remind me of E.G.Daily’s two daughters, born in the late 90s:



For those not initiated, E.G.Daily is the lady behind the voice of Tommy Pickles, one of the main characters from the TV show Rugrats.

But we’ve let ourselves get distracted. Moving back to Gaz Coombes, it’s also worth noting that his brother and fellow band mate Rob has three children with equally interesting names:




I’ve clearly been paying far too much attention to celeb-sprog sibsets, as the latter sibset rather reminds me of Wes Brown’s trio of girls in terms of the sound – something to look out for? Maybe.

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One thought on “Sibset of the Week: The Coombes & Dailys

  1. Awkward Turtle

    I remember an author dedicating a book to her children Tiger and Lucas. It’s still quite unusual, but with all the -er surnames becoming trendy, Tiger might find some fans.


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