Rainbow Magic

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So, we talked about a series of books surrounding a character named Horrid Henry yesterday and now I’m on a roll. There’s another hugely popular series of books in the UK known under the blanket title of Rainbow Magic. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are now 100 of them, as each focuses on one fairy in particular, coming in sets of 7. For example, the first set was known as the Rainbow Magic fairies and there were 7 books – one for each colour, of which each fairy corresponded to one, i.e. Ruby the Red Fairy.

Why is this important? Because the authors (known collectively as Daisy Meadows) have more than exhausted pretty much all of the most popular girls names here in Britain, the Top 14 have all been used:

1 OLIVIA the Orchid Fairy
2 SOPHIE the Sapphire Fairy
3 EMILY the Emerald Fairy
4 LILY the Rainforest Fairy
5 AMELIA the Singing Fairy
6 JESSICA the Jazz Fairy
7 RUBY the Red Fairy
8 CHLOE the Topaz Fairy
9 GRACE the Glitter Fairy
10 EVIE the Mist Fairy
11 AVA the Sunset Fairy
12 ISABELLA the Air Fairy
13 MIA the Bridesmaid Fairy
14 MAISIE the Moonbeam Fairy

It’s also worth noting that for US publication some of the names were changed:

Naomi Brittany
Saskia Serena
Imogen Isabelle
Francesca Stacey
Saffron Sunny
Izzy Inky
Tallulah Tara
Freya Felicity
Yasmin Nia
Maisie Anna
Honor Hope
Demi Cassidy
Summer Joy

It seems a shame really to see which names were switched out, clearly in favour of names with a more American ‘flavour’ to them. Any Americans out there reading this, do you prefer the UK set of names or the US ones?

The most recent four sets themselves start off with names you’ve likely heard off, but they quickly becomes not exactly run-of-the-mill names:

The Pop Star Fairies:
  • Jessie the Lyrics Fairy
  • Adele the Singing Coach Fairy
  • Vanessa the Dance Steps Fairy
  • Frankie the Makeup Fairy
  • Miley the Stylist Fairy
  • Rochelle the Star Spotter Fairy
  • Una the Concert Fairy
The inspirations behind these names was quite apparent to me almost immediately, but you non-Brits may need some help:
  • Jessie J is a popular singer and judge on our version of The Voice.
  • Adele, still a popular singer here in the UK. She attended Brit School, as did Jessie J.
  • Vanessa, Frankie, Rochelle and Una are the names of 4 of the members of girl group The Saturdays. You may have heard of Una recently – she gave birth last week to a little girl named Aoife Belle. The final member is called Molly, and her name is already represented by Molly the Goldfish Fairy.
  • Miley, as in, Miley Cyrus.
Then we have the Fashion fairies, whose names are as such:
  • Miranda The Beauty Fairy
  • Claudia The Accessories Fairy
  • Tyra The Dress Designer Fairy
  • Alexia The Fashion Reporter Fairy
  • Matilda The Hair Stylist Fairy
  • Brooke The Photographer Fairy
  • Lola The Fashion Show Fairy

A slight mix of the popular and the not-so-popular which goes with the pattern set up by previous sets of books.

Finally, here’s a quick list of some other names used in the series which I was rather pleased to see them use:

Angelica Helena Penny
Coral Kirsty Poppy
Darcey Leona Sabrina
Edie Melodie Sadie
Fiona Oberon Tess
Flora Olympia Thea
Gemma Pearl Titania
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4 thoughts on “Rainbow Magic

  1. Awkward Turtle

    You’re definitely a name nerd when the name meanings and their fairy titles not matching up annoys you, however mildly. Maisie the Pearl Fairy!


  2. Changing Naomi to Brittany should be a gaolable offence, and Oprah the fairy? Uh … really???? And why am I the American version of Maisie?

    Fave of the fair folk: Saskia, Adele, Miranda, Iris, Lavender and Sabrina.

    Fairies all seem to need girly names – no Madison the Waterworks Fairy or Frankie the Fish and Chips Fairy. Not even a Lou Fairy!!! 🙂


  3. I used to love those books I’m from Australia and we have the English version


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