Sibset of the Week: The Camaras and the Soumillons


This week we’re off to France for two interestingly matched siblings, all reasonably young. The first one comes courtesy of a footballer by the name Zoumana Camara. He currently plays for Paris St. Germain, and has made just one appearance for the national team back in 2001. He has two daughters:

Oury, 2009

Aby, 2011

Oury fascinates me, she looks like she could be short for Aurore, but there was also a French film director called Gérard Oury who could have inspired the footballer; his real name was Max-Gérard Houry Tannenbaum.

Then we have a French model by the name of Sophie Thalmann. I wanted to mention her because like Jeremy Sisto,  she had a daughter named Charlie when she welcomed a son in 2008; the name she chose certainly caught my eye:

Charlie, 2005

Mika, 2008

I could really see Mika emerging as a new unisex choice in the coming years, especially here in Europe where we have two notable musicians with the name – one male, one female. Mika Newton represented Ukraine in Eurovision 2011 is female, whilst Mika Penniman, known simply as Mika, has carved out a successful career since crashing onto the pop scene in 2007. On whatever gender, certainly a name to watch for the future.

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One thought on “Sibset of the Week: The Camaras and the Soumillons

  1. Mika is very much up-and-coming here, and is spelled in many different ways (Meeka etc), however it only seems to be given to girls. Of course Charlie is Top 100 here.

    The French sibset stuns me with its minimalism, but I don’t really know what to make of it.


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