Weekend Post: Aki&Friends

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I’ve become hopelessly addicted to Masterchef of late, and there was a contestant on the currently airing series called Aki. She caught my eye since she rather reminded me of myself, we even sharing a love of science- with her doing a PhD in Quantum Physics.

Her name caught my attention too: Aki. Said much the same as Hackey, sans the h. Or at least, that’s how they were saying it on Masterchef. The name, much like the contestant, is from fair Japan; it means sparkle, bright, autumn – a delightful trio of meanings (indeed, one for each letter).

What I like about Aki is that she’s a quirky, short Japanese name. I’ve covered a few over my time on this blog, but there are so many more delights to see. Here’s a quick selection of 10 of my favourites:

1. Aya

I knew an Aya at primary school, and she said her name ay-ah. However, she was of Arabic origins, and Aya is a name derived from Arabic, meaning verse, sign, miracle. An alternative pronunciation I see is eye-ah.

Meaning: colour, design

2. Chou

Whilst it is the French word for cabbage, they do also use this as an endearing term in France – much like how I fondly call people duck on a regular basis, or chick.

Meaning: butterfly

3. Emi

Emily is still hugely popular here in England&Wales – she was at #3 in 2010. Emi acts as a potential short form of her, or indeed a relative, say, Emma. Or Emmeline. You get the picture.

Meaning: beautiful blessing, picture

4. Michi

The name Mitchell started off life as a surname, but I’ve met two young lads with him as a first name over the past month or so – one of whom answered to Michi. I’ve seen that it’s also of use in Japan as a male name – and in the case of both genders, it’s a frequent nickname option over there too.

Meaning: path

5. Ren

Reported as being currently very popular in Japan for girls right now, whilst Wren is on the receiving end of heightened interest.

Meaning: lotus, romance, love, water lily

6. Riko

Spelt Rico this name is a masculine nickname in Italy and Spain.

Meaning: jasmine or truth child

7. Rio

Rio de Janeiro is due to host the 2016 Olympics, and rio is well-known for meaning river in Spanish. Whilst there is lively debate as to the gender of Rio in the English speaking world, in Japan this name is first-and-foremost feminine.

Meaning: jasmine, village / centre, thread

8. Saki

I’ve always had a soft spot for Suki, and this name is equally as sweet. She rather looks like a short form of Sakura, and I guess could be used as such if one’s heart desires it so.

Meaning: blossom of hope

9. Sora

A name previously covered extensively in a names of the week post, alongside Gem.

Meaning: sky

10. Yumi

Yes, she does rather look like the English word yummy, and point of interest, the French translation of the word is miam miam. However, the name is pronounced with a long oo sound.

Meaning: beautiful archery bow

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Post: Aki&Friends

  1. Cristina

    Aki – hockey without the h
    Aya – eye-ah
    Chou – cho with a hold on the o, as if there are two
    Emi – ay-mee
    Michi – mee-chee
    Sora – so-rah


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