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Today, as many of you should hopefully be aware, is the 6th March. It’s a mostly unimportant day in terms of my life, but since I’m a fan of the number 6 we’re going to mark it by delving into the depths of the female 2010 data for England&Wales at 6 names given to 6 girls. To start with, it’s interesting to note that there were several name blog favourites given to 6 girls in 2010 in England&Wales:

Araminta, Eugenie, Juniper, Rosamund, Tate, ScoutVictoire and Vida

But then there are the slightly more interesting picks; names less often heard, but just as pretty. Infact, a few of the select 6 are deceptively similar to other blog favourites.

1. Beata (be-AH-tah)

This name has origins in the same source as Beatrice: the Latin beatus, which means blessed. This name is most often used in Germany and Poland, and can also be spelt Beate.

2. Ginny

There used to be a debate as to whether Ms. Weasley’s name was short for Virginia or Ginevra; we now know it is the latter. I guess a problem here is her slight connection with the alcoholic beverage, gin – but I think the Harry Potter connection comes first and foremost for many, so I’m not sure if it’s worth creating a fuss about it. You could alternatively spell it Jinny, at which point it starts to resemble Jenny which may cause a whole new box of potential issues.

3. Gretel

Not unlike Greta, and both do come from Margaret. Well known thanks to a fairy tale about siblings Hansel and Gretel – but everything turns out fine in the end and I fond memories of reading the story as a child, which can only ever be viewed by me as a good thing.

4. Mica

There is a Latin word mica, which means crumb and mica is also the name of a mineral. One could alternatively spell this name Mika, whereon it takes a different meaning, becoming a Japanese name meaning beautiful incense.

5. Raphaelle

Raphael is mostly popular for lads at #239, but not this French feminine form of the name. It means God has healed and it easily one of my most favourite names from fair France.

6. Zuri

Despite looking like power-celeb name Suri, this name has a different origin: she means beautiful in Swahili. A new show has appeared on the Disney channel called Jessie, which prominently features a little girl from Africa with the name. It could help the name, equally it may have no effect at all.

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6 thoughts on “Six

  1. I love that you included Beata, such a dignified beauty 🙂 I see her as a sister to Romola and Jolyon or something along those lines.
    Also like Mica as a unisex name.


  2. I love Raphaelle — it’s very high on my list of potential middle names.


  3. magicbabynames

    Beata is a new and interesting name for me, thank you!


  4. That collection of six names which got six bearers last year sounds like a particularly sophisticated and slightly quirky sibset!


  5. Zuri and Raphaelle really appeal to me. I’d like to see more baby girls with these names.


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