Sibset of the Week: The Torodes

John Torode, from

I’m not a frequent watcher of cookery shows, it’s mostly my mother who watches these types of shows, never missing an episode of Hairy Biker’s Best of British. Personally, the closest I really get is Come Dine With Me, with the legendary commentary of Dave Lamb, who does dry humour like no other. However,  something else that recently caught my attention was Masterchef. Perhaps more intense than the quaint Great British Bake Off, but it’s certainly inspired some of the meals I’ve recently cooked.

One of the presenters of the show is John Torode, who has four children. The youngest two are with his wife Jessica, from whom he has recently split. The elder two are from a previous relationship.





Now, I have no real guidance regarding which sibset gets a post each week, or even at all. Usually they’re ones which catch my eye the day or week before the post arrives. This one really caught my eye because in my intial research, I found the eldest child’s name oft reported as Marselle – I’m in France at the moment so it seemed apt, given the city of Marseille. However, interviews for the man himself reference a son named Marcel. I’ve also read a piece by him where he spells his youngest child’s name as Loulou.

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7 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Torodes

  1. magicbabynames

    I like Marselle, but I think the spelling was really getting to you. Looks like you wrote concensus instead of consensus because you really wanted to write Marcelle!


  2. Awkward Turtle

    Lulu seems insubstanstial compared to Marselle (even if she goes by Marie ro soemthing). Other than that, it’s a nice group.


  3. Lulu doesn’t seem to fit. It’s so nickname-y. I like their other choices, especially Jonah, a lot better.


  4. I’m going to swim against the tide and say that to me, Marselle seems the odd one out. Casper, Jonah and Lulu all seem like “cute, on-trend” names to me, and Marselle seems neither of those things.

    Marselle is too much like Marseilles to me – if you type it into Google, Google tries to insist you meant Marseilles, and if you force it to obey, the first thing that comes up is that Marselle is the Russian form of Marseilles.


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