Aminta and Lotte

*So at the last minute I had a change of heart ūüėČ

I like short and simple names as a rule. Maybe simple isn’t the right word to use, rather, uncomplicated names. Two such names have been on my mind quite a bit recently so it seems apt to talk about them now. Like the names, this particular post is a short and sweet guide through these short and sweet names.

The first name I want to talk about is Aminta.

We were likely first formally introduced to this name in Torquato Tasso’s 1573 play, Aminta – but it’s worth noting that the eponymous character was male. Tasso was likely influenced by the¬†the Greek male name Amintor, which is a slight variation of the Ancient Greek name Amyntor. This name is likely to derive from the Greek amunt√īr, which means defender. One of the first times this name was given to a female was in 1701 when she used used for a character in a poem.

Many do peg the name Aminta as a short form of, or related to the name Araminta Рa name oft seen in the London Telegraph Birth Announcements.

A similar name to Aminta is Amini, which is a Swahili name meaning fidelity, reliability and devotion.
As for our second name, it’s Lotte. The name Charlotte is pretty popular right now – especially in the States – and I’ve seen Lotte a few times on the Continent. Last year the Dutchman Jaap Fresco welcomed a daughter named Lotte Esmee, whilst Heidi Lanaerts welcomed a little girl named Bonnie Lotta.
Lotte is the short form of Liselotte and Charlotte. Pronounced either LAH-tee, LAH-tah; the latter pronunciation being similar to how you would say Lottie. A slightly similar name to Lotte is Lotus, a flower sacred in both Hinduism and Buddhism.
The name Lot is a Biblical name, deriving from Hebrew and meaning wrap closely. In the Bible, Lot was a male, moreover the husband of a lady who was turned into a pillar of salt when she glanced back at Sodom.
A potential problem is that the assumed spelling would likely be Lottie, rather than Lotte. In a recent episode of Pointless, there was a lady named Lotti – but still likely to be a short form of Charlotte. Either way I’m kind of attracted to Lotte, more so thatn I have ever been to Charlotte.
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