Name Spot of the Week: Vinnie, Fenton and Aneurin

I don’t really watch much television, but quite a few media-bound names came up this week. For starters, The British Heart Foundation recently launched a hands-free CPR campaign featuring tough-guy Vinnie Jones. Although it’s only been launched quite recently I’ve already seen this advert pop up several times since the beginning of the month. Whilst questions have been raised as to whether hands-free CPR really is more effective than the ‘normal’ type of CPR, I can see why eliminating the mouth-to-mouth element may make people more confident to really go for it – since the advert campaign is really more aimed at average Joe than Theodorus the trained First-Aid expert. Now, I have mentioned Vinnie once before on the blog – he came in at #10 on our 10 Alternatives for Alfie post way back in July last year. I stand by the judgement I made then – Vinnie is a great name.

Aside from that, another video that came to mind again this week was the Richmond Park video, after Rowan mentioned Fenton in her post on Names from the 1980s. The viral video is where I first came across the name, and Zeffy subsequently covered the name. As did Have I Got News For You, which reported the dog’s name as Benton, rather than Fenton. I’ll be honest, this name has seriously grown on me of late – despite my general uninterest in surnames-as-firstnames à la Hudson, Tucker and Cooper.

I caught some of the BBC4 dramatisation We’ll Take Manhattan last night. Well, I say caught, someone else was watching it and I caught bits of it from the corner of my eye.  It’s probably the first time I’ve watched BBC4 since catching a documentary about Snow on it last year and the really notable thing to mention is that David Bailey was played by Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard. Prior to him, the only man I could think of with his name is Aneurin ‘Nye’ Bevan – the man behind the creation of the NHS – Bevan was born in Wales as well. I’ve also read somewhere that he had a son named Aneurin, too.

Bailey also reminds me of a memorable incident which occured this week when I was in the park. A lady shouted the name Bailey at the top of her voice, and a little boy charged towards her. To be honest, I shouldn’t have been surprised – the name Bailey is #79 for boys in England&Wales compared to #505 for girls. I’m putting it down to the American blog I frequent on a daily basis 😉

Another thing to note is that Karen Gillan who plays Jean is in her early 20s. She’s better known as playing Amy Pond in Doctor Who.

I guess the final name to mention is that only today I was involved in a pub-quiz style competition. The name of my team as chosen by a friend? Frederick. We have a track record of using random names as team names in quiz situations. Previous names used include Boo, Baxter and Ginger.

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One thought on “Name Spot of the Week: Vinnie, Fenton and Aneurin

  1. I love the meaning of the name Aneurin, it’s one of those names you wouldn’t even think about if there were hundreds born every year.

    Gosh you must have gone all American – I never think of Bailey as anything but a boy (well maybe pets as well …)


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