Sibset of the Week: The Heidfelds

Nick Heidfeld, from

I’m a huge fan of F1, and am desperate for the season to kick off again in March. Sunday afternoons just don’t seem the same without curling up on the settee and watching some high-speed fun. It seems apt, therefore, to this week look at the names of the children of a former F1 driver. I’ve had this family up my sleeve for a few weeks, and it’s only now that we’ve come to give them a mention.

Nick Heidfeld is a German racing driver, noted from scoring regular podium finishes, but has not won a single race from over 170 starts. To put this in perspective, the record for most starts before first victory is currently held by Mark Webber, who claimed his first victory on his 131st attempt. Other career highlights of Heidfeld’s is that he is the driver who has scored the highest number of world championship points without a win, the most podium finishes without a win and most second place finishes without a win.

It seems rather saddening, therefore, that his F1 career came to a shudder last year when he was replaced in his Renault F1 driving seat by Bruno Senna before the 2011 Belgian Grand Prix. He has yet to be confirmed in a race seat for the 2012 season, with only a race seat left at back-of-the-grid HRT as of writing this post, although plenty of reserve driver positions are still up for grabs.

Heidfeld is German, but lives in Switzerland like many F1 drivers, with his fiancée Patricia. Together they have one daughter and two sons:




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2 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Heidfelds

  1. Ooh, that’s quite a J-theme going there!

    Are they said with a Y-sound, as in Joda is said Yoda?


  2. Sebastiane

    Juni is cute, but the other two are nmsaa. Joda especially does not sit right with me, especially when its pronounced (YOH-dah).


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