Weekend Post: Recent French Finds

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There were two posts competing to be this edition of the weekend post, but this one won out since I’ve been talking about French names quite a lot. But these have mostly been of fictional ones. Today I want to mention to you the names of some recent acquaintances of mine, who just so happen to be French.

The first one I want to mention is Marie-Marie. Her name is actually this, and certainly seems a case of the parents loving a name so much they gave it to their child twice. It’s not so far-fetched when you consider that the same principle or repeating sounds is the basis of names such as Lulu, Coco and Mimi – however few people simply call their child Co and Mi, and even Lu – but Lou is becoming quite popular as a female name in her own right over here in Europe. Another notable example of this comes from the Pixar film The Incredibles, wherein the youngest of the Parr children is called Jack-Jack – although I have seen it mentioned that his full name is John Jackson, two names which share origins.

Another interesting name I’ve come across is Lodie. Now, you may have heard of the name Elodie before, or even seen her frenchified as Élodié, but I’ve never seen Lodie before. Elodie is the French form of the name Alodia, of which there is a Spanish St. Alodia, who had a sister called Nunilo. The exact meaning of the name Elodie is unclear, although a common theory is foreign riches, coming from Germanic elements ala meaning foreign and od meaning riches. As for Lodie? If we can love Jodie and names such as Lola and Lacey, then Lodie stands good ground between them.

The final name I want to mention is Oréliane. Now, Google didn’t like this name at all, suggesting that the name I was really after was either Aurelia, Elaine, Coraline or Eliana. The name Orelia is a legit variant of the name Aurelia, so Oréliane could indeed have originally come from her. The name Aurelia is of Latin origin and means golden. I’ve always had a fonness for the name Aurelia, and to be honest still prefer her over Oréliane. Either way, she’s a fascinating name that sits well in French.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Post: Recent French Finds

  1. Lodie is intriguing. I imagine Oréliane is the French form of Aureliana, the feminine form of the cognomen Aurelianus.


  2. I was telling someone about the name Elodie just this morning (they liked it a lot but didn’t like the use of French names by non- French people). Lodie is equally as charming and pretty.


  3. Lodie is different. I’m not sure if I can accept her as a full name for some reason though.


  4. ooh, Oréliane is a good one.


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