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Milou, or Snowy, from

It feels ages since I’ve last sat down to write a Name Spot post for some reason. Maybe it’s because last week’s offering was posted near the beginning of the week. Either way, my week has been defined bymy pursuit of finding ‘new’ name blogs to fritter time away reading, and when I saw ‘new’ blog, I mean ones which I’ve never come across before. It therefore now seems a good time to highlight the ones I’ve come across – especially as thanks to them my blogroll now appears to number more than my dead blogroll. Times are good.

First off there’s Never Go Nameless, who carried on the twin name splitting discussion of last week when she posted some of her own suggestions. Henry and Etta was likely my favourite suggestion from her, and this week Elisabeth re-ignited my love for Henri. Of course, Henri is the French form of Henry – and thus the H is silent, so the name is pronounced more like awn-ray, than like how we would say Henry.

Baby Name Guru had a nice response piece to the What Your Child’s Name Says About You article; Baby Names Daily meanwhile has been mentioning some rather fascinating names of late: Delray, Maylea and Lathan – I fully expect to be loosing a weekend to exploring her back catalog, too. A few other recent blog finds to check out:

  • Character Names Galore: She covers names from a character-naming perspective, rather than a baby-naming one. One name that caught my eye was Dextra.
  • Ren’s Baby Name Blog: She covers both names, and does lists too. Two to start off with are her favourite names from outside the Top 1000 for boys and girls.

Stepping aside from the virtual world, I’ve been busy researching some psychology studies this week in what little spare time I have. Many of you will probably know that the done thing to do when referring to the piece of research is to only give the researcher’s surname . Despite only the surnames being given, there are some fascination names in the mix. Loftus, Meade and Vogel all came up, as did Crowley, Archer and Asch. Have you ever heard of Phineas Gage the railroad worker? He had a large rod shoot straight through his head after a freak accident, and he survived.

Another thing I really wanted to share with you was that a bulky man named Snowy turned up on Deal or No Deal of late. I suspect Snowy may be a nickname, but it’s nice to believe otherwise. Speaking of Snowy, I found out recently that the French call Tintin’s dog Milou. The man who wrote Tintin, wrote it under the penname Hergé – his real name was Georges Prosper Remi.

I love the name Oona, and one turned up on Channel 4’s new gameshow: The Bank Job. She was in the final two with a man named Darragh – and she spelled her name as Oonagh.  I saw someone on Twitter comment on the names along the lines of someone bashing the keyboard a bit too hard when typing out their name, but it’s certainly nice to see two Irish names given screentime.

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3 thoughts on “Name Spot of the Week: Blogs on the Block

  1. Some new blogs to catch up with!

    That was an interesting article on what your child’s name says about you, although I didn’t agree with much.

    We’ve gone with conservative names, not because we’re so terribly conservative (we aren’t), but because that was the best way for us to reach a compromise on name choices. I’ve found if you’re name styles are mis-matched, you can usually agree on the classics at least.

    With family names, I think it’s a combination of having relatives you actually like, plus you like the names of the relatives you like. I know that’s not always possible! One of the nicest and most usable names in my family belonged to a spouse abuser.

    I’m not a huge fan of unisex names on girls, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to be successful. I don’t see why someone called Evangeline or Violet can’t be a success. I mean our prime minister is named Julia – a feminine name hasn’t hurt her career. And the finance minister is called Penelope and the mayor of Sydney is Clover – both girly names. The Premier of Queensland is called Anna and the former Premier of NSW was Kristina. In fact all the successful women I know IRL have feminine names.

    The one I most was forced to agree with is place names – I really dislike place names on people, and I hate travel, I’m a real homebody (I usually get ill any time I go anywhere).


  2. Thank you for mentioning my blog, and I’m glad you enjoyed my response!


  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog. I’m glad my blog is keeping you entertained.


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