10 Best Undiscovered Harry Potter Names

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The names J.K.Rowling used for her main characters are nothing short of wonderful. It goes without saying that she’s the primary reason we’re all realising that the name Hermione rocks. But it’s not just the main characters who received names of interest, there are many other names given to minor characters which are of equal fascination.

A key qualifying factor for the lists was that the name wouldn’t be immediately associated with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as Hermione, Minerva and Neville are. Also, in the spirit of such names, all potential names had to be outside the Top 1000 in England&Wales.

The first five are female names:

1. Summerbee

This is a slighty cheeky state of affairs since Summerbee was the surname of a male character – but I reckon, as a name, Summerbee would work best for females. Whilst I’m usual slightly skeptical of smoosh names, I’ve seen a whole host of them of late which I couldn’t help but love. This one appeals to my inner child and that’s what got it the top spot.

The character was called Felix Summerbee, and he was the inventor of Cheering Charms. My child side is beside itself.

2. Magenta

I used to watch a show called Blue’s Clues as a child, and Blue the dog had a ‘friend’ called Magenta, also a dog. It was only later when I discovered Google did I realise that both dogs are female since I was under the impression that since Blue was, well, blue she was a boy dog and thus the pink dog, Magenta, was a girl dog. Fooled by colours, but that doesn’t stop me loving the name.

The character was called Magenta Comstock, and she was an experimental artist.

3. Indira

The names Indira and Zuleika are two of my favourites from the world of asian names. Zuleika is Persian, possibly meaning brilliant beauty; Indira is from Sanskrit and means beauty. Currently there’s a show on Disney Channel called How To Be Indie featuring a girl named Indira, but nicknamed Indie.

The character Indira Choudry was a Quidditch player for England, not India. She played in the beater position.

4. Musidora

We mentioned Musidora last week, but she’s such a lovely name I couldn’t not mention her in this list. If you missed that post, the name means gift of all muses. There was a French silent film actress who used the stage name Musidora, but was born Jeanne Roques.

The character Musidora Barkwith was a composer noted for her work, entitled Wizarding Suite.

5. Perenelle

If you knew her surname, you’d probably be able to guess she were a Harry Potter character. Perenelle is the wife of Nicolas Flamel, who featured prominently in the first book due to his creation of the Philosopher’s Stone.

As for the name of the character, there’s a similar French name, Pétronille; Eleanor of Aquitaine had a sister named Petronilla and there’s a French Saint named Pétronille. The name Perenelle could also reference the English word perenial, which basically mean continuing without interruption – certainly a strong case given that she and her husband were immortal before they destroyed the stone. In my research I’ve also seen the name given the meaning [little] rock.

And the second set of five are all male names:

1. Boniface

Cornelia Funke caused me to fall in love with the name Prosper after she gave it to one of her main characters in her book The Thief Lord. His little brother was called Boniface and was usually referred to as Bo. Interestingly, their Aunt Esther referred to their names as strange in the book when asked for them, calling her sister the same. The name Boniface comes from Latin and means good fate.

The character was called Brother Boniface and he was the maker of turnip wine.

2. Loxias

Sometime people refer to Robin Hood as Robin of Loxley, referencing his potential backstory as a noble. The names Loxley and Loxias are likely not to be related, but it’s always my first connection when I hear names such as Loxley or even Locklyn. In mythology the name Loxias was given to an epithet of Apollo. His name means the obscure.

The Loxias in the books was a former possessor of the Elder Wand.

 3. Emeric

I have a French friend called Aymeric, and right now the 15th person in line to the Belgian throne is Prince Aymeric, who was born in 2005. He has a twin brother called the rather more familiar name to us Nicolas. Aymeric is a form of the name Emeric, which in turn is the French form of Emmerich.

J.K used the name Emeric for two of her characters. The first was Emeric the Evil, who also possessed the Elder Wand at one point. The second was Emeric Switch who authored A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration.

4. Arkie

He rather reminds me of the nation’s sweetheart Alfie and friend Archie. I’ve seen a few sites list this as a female name since it did rank for female in the late 1800s in the US, but the character was male. Arkie Philpott was a wizard on the receiving end of a Probity Probe at Gringotts Bank, following a tightening of security after the return of Lord Voldemort.

5. Cyprian

There was a Bishop of Carthage named Cyprian. The name quite simply means from Cyprus and is still in use this day, just as we call people from London as Londoners and so forth.

The character was called Cyprian Youdle and he was a Quidditch referee noted for being killed during a match.

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5 thoughts on “10 Best Undiscovered Harry Potter Names

  1. I love Summerbee and Perenelle for girls; and Emeric and Arkie for boys.

    I would totally consider Perenelle and Emeric as potential baby names, while Summerbee and Arkie are more “So adorable for someone else to use”.


  2. Love Indira, but now that I know there’s a Disney show with her, I don’t think I would use it. I’ve also loved Cyprian since I met one in college, and I think about using Cypress, Cyprian or Cypriana to honor my husband’s mom, Cynthia. But that would only be if I had like four kids.


  3. The Norwegian feminine form of Peter is Pernille (via most popular variant Per), that might be the source of Perenelle. I actually know a 5 year old Pernille, but I would never use the name myself, it’s not my style at all when it comes to Norwegian names.

    My favourites on this list Musidora, Emeric, Loxias and Cyprian. Loxias also has Loxia as a feminine form, and Cyprian has Cypriana and Cypria. Emeric is fairly used in Norway as Emrik along with Embrik. I like Embret as well, but Emeric as a gorgous choice in English speaking countries.
    I would probably be most likely to use Loxias today, but only because he’s been on my mind lately.


  4. Have long adored Musidora (and the potential nn Musie just as much), Perenelle and Loxias. Summerbee’s a good call.


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