The Breath Game

A juicy challenge indeed

Have you ever attempted this little challenge? Two of my siblings and I had a go at it when we last visited the Florence Nightingale Museum in London last year. We did quite well at it.

Richard is one of our nicknames for Jack

On what might seem like a totally unrelated note, I sat an exam today, kicking off my January of fun. With around 5 minutes to spare, I completed the last question and devoted my mind to a little brain teaser, spun off from the breath game. How many words could I get out of the words START and FINISH? Quite a few it would seem:

After exhausting most of the possibilities, my mind wandered a little more to names. I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this too, but I began to wonder how many names I could get from the combined letters of both words. Quite a few, it would seem:

Art, Ari, Hari, Fin, Nash

Star, Nish, Sini, Siri, Tina, Sari, Shina, Ria, Nia, Tia, Ina, Ani

So, where am I going with this? It’s a case of liking a meaning, but not liking any of the assiciated names. Say, it’s important to you to honour the fact that your child may be a miracle for whatever reason, but you can’t find an appropriate name for them which means miracle. Perhaps using a name derived from the word may turn out to be a suitable option for you. Just consider these few I’ve quickly jot down for you:

Mira, Ari, Ariel, Lira, Cal, Cam, Cael, Mael, Ira

Readers, what do you think of this? Fun brain exercise it may be, but is it a good way to approach naming one’s child? If you were to do this, which word would you use?

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One thought on “The Breath Game

  1. The START and FINISH names could make a cute and subtle twinset!

    Nash and Siri sound awesome as twins.


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