Average Family: The Christian Family

The Christian Family, from dailymail.co.uk

How else could I finish this series than mention a family the Daily Mail became particularly upset about back in 2009. It’s a I’ve had seven kids since I was 15 kind of story, but predictably this story stayed in my mind as a result of the names of Susie’s offspring with her husband Dax. They’re a rather eclectic bunch to say the least:








I’m not sure I can pin down any underlying name theme they had going – perhaps a pop culture one given the use of the name Neo, Marli and Taio? That still leaves 4 of them unaccounted for.

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One thought on “Average Family: The Christian Family

  1. I read the story, but I don’t really understand it – how did she have 7 children from the age of 15? I mean wouldn’t she just have had one to start off with? It seems like she only had 7 from 8 months before this story. And the story also says she didn’t even get pregnant till she was 15?

    I got someone else to read me the story, and they can’t understand it either.

    That’s certainly an eclectic bunch of names; I’m sure there’s a story behind each one, but to an outsider they have that quality of randomness that so many large families seem to have.


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