Average Family: The Warriner Family

The Warriner Family, from dailymail.co.uk

Rather than focus on a celebrity sibset this week, I wanted to bring to you the names of a typically average British family with one small difference. Malcolm and Rayna Warriner have 9 children, which includes a set of triplets (babies no. 6-8). When the story was reported a few years ago, all of their children were under the age of age, so I have quite a bit of admiration for these plucky parents.

Plus, I love the alternative way they’re approached naming their offspring:










Callan? Avie? It’s all very quirky, and I actually like the way they’ve approached this whole naming thy childrens thing. You’d have thought that choosing nice names would’ve been in the back of their minds near the end of things, but they seemed to have stuck true to finding a distinctive name for every child.

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4 thoughts on “Average Family: The Warriner Family

  1. Awkward Turtle

    For a second I thought they’d chosen Titanium. I think Christams has taken a toll on my brain.


  2. I can’t quite read all the ages on the photo, but are Ilish, Romany and Meredith the triplets, and Avie the newish baby?

    If so, there does seem to be a name trend change with the birth of the triplets, as up until then, all the names ended with a N or M.

    The names seemed to become more distinctive as time went on, which often seems to happen in big families.


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