Sibset of the Week: The Browns

Wes Brown, from

No, we’re not talking about Scary Spice in this post, nice though her choices of Phoenix/Angel/Madison for her three daughters may be. Instead, we’re talking football yet again. It’s getting quite good around my neck of the woods, since at the moment my team are go up – and our rivals going down. However, today’s father has not played for either team, rather, he prefers to spend his time with Premier League side Sunderland – having only just moved from Manchester United.

Wes Brown was born Wesley Michael in 1979 in Manchester. Surely, a man named Wesley (although only ever referred to as Wes) would have an interesting take on naming children? Indeed he does, since with wife Leanne, he has three daughters named:




If you ever had doubts that the letter l is in fashion right now, look no further than here for proof, with each daughter possessing 2 ls apiece in their names. Certainly, they are names very similar in style – but there is still a slight breadth of choice to be had if a fourth daughter were to come along. They could go slightly vintage-nickname with Sally, or even double back to Harlow, so you have a Halle and Harlow, Lilia and Lola.

They could, just as easily, go with Sue, simply because they like the name Sue – not letting the idea of cohesive sibsets get in the way of choosing names.

Yes, this does happen.

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4 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Browns

  1. That’s a nice trendy-modern sibset that goes together really well, and sounds nice with the surname too. Good thing about plain surnames – they sound great with almost anything.

    Harlow would make a nice fourth daughter – maybe also Halo, the new vogue name! Kind of interested to see what they choose if they have a boy.


  2. That is a very pretty sibset, I especially like Halle. Lilia is a nice change from Lilly/Lily, which you can’t leave the house without somehow coming across one.


  3. I find Lilia and Lola a bit two similar — I know I’d be for ever mixing the two up, which they’d find very irritating! Two of my cats suffer the same problem, but fortunately don’t seem to mind it too much when I get there names wrong, as long as food is involved!


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