Weekend Post: Advent Calendar Musings

I had to beg for one this year and it all payed off as I am now happily in possession of a Cadbury Advent Calendar. Cadbury make the best advent calendars, not just because I get to taste some Dairy Milk goodness every single day, since what I didn’t realise until today was what was on the back of my prized-possession:

Terrible resolution, I know.

Elfs named Lloyd and Esther. I love you Cadbury and lest we forget the other characters joining them: Hector the Robin; Clyde the Snowman; Rudy the Reindeer.

They’re not your average Christmas-themed names, like the ones Elea has been touting for the past few days. Clyde is certainly an interesting choice, given that only 4 boys born in 2010 were given the name. Especially odd given that the hugely popular show The Sarah Jane Adventures features a teenaged character called Clyde Langer, so you’d think he’d have given the name a slight boost. Bonnie doesn’t particularly suffer because of Bonnie&Clyde, but maybe Clyde does – just like the Romeo&Juliet situation where everyone is using Juliet but the only Romeo I can think of is the Beckham child.

Since Rudy has a red nose, I can only assume they tried to give Rudolph a youthful edge to him. But then they used the slighty fuddy-duddy name Esther…and Hector? I do love the names Esther and Hector, but double standards Cadbury? I suppose the only explanation was them trying to avoid copyright laws, which, fair dues. Lloyd seems to be middle ground with the names. I’d never pair him and Esther together, but it’s cute enough. Bree mentioned Boyd earlier on this week, and we have a film review duo called Floyd and Boyd here in the UK. Out of all three -oyd names, I’m not sure I can call which one could potentially starting trending the most. Floyd could get a boost from any Pink Floyd fans; Boyd from any Waking the Dead fans; Lloyd from any Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber fans. At a push, I’d say Boyd for the same reasoning I touted all those other short B names last week.

Am I the only one with names like these plastered over the back of their advent calendar? In which case, what are the odds?

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Post: Advent Calendar Musings

  1. Props to Cadbury. I find them all rather charming in an unexpected kind of way.


  2. Ooh we didn’t have any cool names like that on our Advent calendar – but I did notice that “traditional style” ones are back in vogue this Christmas. Maybe reflected in the sturdy old-fashioned names Cadbury chose?


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    fuddy duddy name Esther????!!! my name is Esther


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