Sibset of the Week: The Fayers

Elsa Fayer, from

I’m trying to make a concentrated effort to start talking more about French names, after a lapse in service of late. Yesterday we talked about Elise, and I failed to mention at the time that I’ve been reading a French play called L’Avare, in which on of the lead female characters is called Élise. The play came about in 1668. We’ve already mentioned Élise’s brother: Cléante. But we’re not going back into pre-Revolution France this week, although in a way we already have given that we’ve talked about one sibset, albeit fictional.

Elsa is another Elizabeth offshoot, and also the name of this week’s mummy, Elsa Fayer. She’s a French television presenter, working with major French networks France Television and TF1. She has three daughters, one born in 2000 with one partner and she then welcomed her youngest two, twins, with a different father in 2010:




On the names she gave to her twins, in a interviews she said the following which I’ve rougly translated from French into English for all you non-French speakers:

I’ve had the name Emy in my mind for a long time. My partner and I could not agree about a second name for twin 2, however. After the girls were born, we were still stuck for ideas, so for three days our daughters were known only as ‘twin 1’ and ‘twin 2’. The ‘ French registry office’ pressed us so we organised a crisis meeting between my partner and my other daughter and we all fell for the name Liv.

Crisis baby naming at it’s best, whilst I wouldn’t personally opt for Liv and Emy, they make for a surprisingly pleasing minimalist pairing. Matchy in style, without going down the Tyler/Taylor route.

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4 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Fayers

  1. I feel the same way! I wouldn’t pick it myself, but it’s a great little twin set. Minimalist elegance.


  2. I like Emy and Liv, but more as nicknames. Livia and Emmeline would have been ever better, although perhaps they don’t have the same vibe.


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  4. The Name Station

    I really like Emy and Liv as a sibset! Elise and Elsa have always been fringe names for me as well. I like them, but not for me!


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