Lourdes: The Next Lily?

Gerrard and Beckham on the pitch for England, from dailymail.co.uk

David Beckham famously welcomed little Harper Seven earlier on this year and at the time Alex Curran, the partner of England player Steven Gerrard announced that she wouldn’t be giving her third child with him the middle name Eight after his shirt number. One thing that did seem for sure was that after two daughters named Lilly-Ella and Lexie, they were going to use another L name. Personally, I thought it was a done-deal that they’d use one of the following name which seemed right up their street:

Lucy. A shameless plug of my own name, but she is a Top 100 name as Lily, Ella and Lexie are.

Luna. Not as wildly popular as L&L, but still well-recognised and recently covered in depth over as My Advice, where she mentions that fellow England teamate Frank Lampard already has a Luna Coco (sister of Isla) with his former Spanish fiancée Elen.

Lola. Another Top 100 pick that seems right up their alley, but they gave it a pass.

Lilou. Perhaps all his travelling may have informed him of the popularity of this name in neighbouring France.

Lila(h). Like Luna, this name is getting quite a bit of attention at the moment.

Libby/Lacey. Two names relatively new in popularity, just as Lexie is; both are also Top 100.

They ended up, as you may have guessed from the title, choosing the rather less well-known name Lourdes which some papers are claiming is in honour of his Catholic roots. Madonna famously has a Lourdes, who is known as Lola. That means I may have been on the money about Lola, should the Gerrards wish to follow Madonnas lead when it comes to nicknames for Lourdes, but there are other L- nickname options options they could consider:

Lou/Lulu. Two own-name plugs in one post?! You bet.

Laure. French form of the fading Laura, Lori/Laurie is another possibility.

So, what are the chances of the name Lourdes catching on? Well, first to mention that only 7 females were given the name last year [2010] in England&Wales, up from 6 in 2009. A select few other L- names which ranked alongside Lourdes in 2010 were:

  • Lacey-Lou
  • Leah-Marie
  • Libby-Rose
  • Livvie
  • Lolah
  • Luca
  • Lyla-May

I think they could’ve easily used any of the above names, but instead they used a place name. But not just any place name, Lourdes is a noted place of pilgrammage; I’ve been offered the opportunity to go there myself. This is as it was in Lourdes during the 17th century that a young girl by the name of Bernadette had several visions of the Virgin Mary. The spring water at Lourdes is said to have healing properties as a result.

So, back to the question in the title. Could Lourdes be the next Lily? The fact that she’s clearly being used as a sister name for Lily can’t be ignored, but this is just one case and as my psychology teacher used to always say: case studies can seldom be generalised! Wise and accurate words. Like Lily, she sounds like she could be the name of the elderly lady next door or your boiterous 4 year-old neice.

Finally, generally speaking, footballers seem to have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to naming trends, consider some of the names of the offspring of some of the most recently called up for England squad (i.e. 2006 World Cup forward):

Freya (Gareth Barry, ?)

Gemma Rose (Michael Owen, 2003)

Georgie John (John Terry, 2006)

Isla (Frank Lampard, 2007)

Jacey (Michael Carrick, ?)

Jack (Paul Robinson, 2008)

Kai Wayne (Wayne Rooney, 2009)

Lorenz (Rio Ferdinand, 2006)

Lucy May (Paul Robinson, ?)

Luna Coco (Frank Lampard, 2005)

Molly (Gary Neville, 2009)

Oscar (Gareth Barry, ?)

Ruby Tatiana (Joe Cole, 2010)

Sancha Natasha (Jermaine Jenas, 2007)

Sophie (Gary Neville, 2010)

Summer Rose (John Terry, 2006)

Tate (Rio Ferdinand, 2008)

Tia (Rio Ferdinand, 2011)

Can Lourdes be the next thing? I wouldn’t advise placing your bets right now, but she’s definitely a name to watch in the future.

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4 thoughts on “Lourdes: The Next Lily?

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  2. namemuststay

    I wonder about Lourdes. I kind of feel like the name itself has been dwarfed by Madonna’s use, but you’re absolutely right on about the idea that footballers influence name trends, so it’s possible. But I think other L Names, like Livia and Lyla will move more quickly.

    Read such a sad but inspiring story about a (Tier 2?) footballer named Billy Sharp, who scored a goal for his deceased baby son, (another L name) Luey Jacob, earlier this week. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2056771/Billy-Sharp-scores-goal-hours-death-son-Luey-Jacob-Sharp.html if you haven’t seen it.)


    • Oh yea, I heard about that one. I saw the child’s name initially reported as Louis, however, but this seems to have been corrected to Luey, which is an interesting, slight literal take on the name.


  3. An Australian rules footballer here, Jared McVeigh, had a daughter named Luella; like Luey, she unfortunately did not live long.

    Jared’s brother Mark (also a footballer) had a daughter named Lily earlier in the year, so L names are very much in vogue.

    We also had a Lola, born to footballer Daniel Kerr.


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