Weekend Post: The Letter R

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I’ve been thinking two-syllables a lot recently, following a friend re-introducing me to the song Who’s David, by Busted. Cue the substituting of David with other people’s names marathon, which managed to keep us occupied for longer than really necessary. I really know quite a lot of people with two-syllable names: Rachel; Nicole; Alex; Theo; Rhian; Nishma; Patrick; Petra and so forth.

Simplicity is something I’ve always appreciated, whether it be in maths or recipes. Keeping it simple makes me one very happy bunny. Fun fact: I spend valuable time searching out a recipe on the internet, to then completely ignore it as I simply go ahead I do my own thing anyway. It’s a habit I’m trying to kick, but suffice to say, I hate being told what to do – especially when it comes to food. I’m not a picky eater, but I dislike being told what to eat.

We’re getting off topic, as usual. We’ve established that I’m all for simplicity, so what has this to do with the letter R? Simple. I’m currently in Reading; that’s the city, not the action. If we combine those two elements, we come to a question. What are some short (i.e. 4 letters or less) names which begin with the letter R? Well, there’s more than you might think:

Rab, scottish short form of Robert

Rabi, means springtime in Arabic

Rada, from the Slavic element rad, which means care

Rae/Ray, nickname for Rachel, Raymond to name a few, also a word, i.e. ray of sunshine

Rafe, short form of Rafael or Ralph

Rain, s’what falls from the sky a lot where I live

Rais, means leader in Arabic

Raj, means either Prince or King in Sasnkrit

Raja, means hope in Arabic

Rani, means Queen in Sanskrit

Rasa, means dew in Lithuanian

Ravi, means sun in Sasnkrit

Reba, one of the many short forms of Rebecca

Red, one of the three primary colours

Reg, short form of Reginald

Rei, means either bell or lovely in Japanese

Reid, scottish variant of Reed

Reko, finnish form of Gregory

Remo, italian form of Remus

Ren, means either lotus or love in Japanese

Reut, means friend in Hebrew

Reva, means one that moves in Sanskrit

Rex, means King in Latin

Rika, short form of Henrika, Fredrika and other names which end -rika

Riku, finnish short form of Richard

Rio, spanish and portuguese word for river

Rita, short form of Margarita

Riva, variant of Hebrew name Rivka

Riya, means singer in Sanskrit

Roan, variant of Ronne

Roch, french form of Rocco

Roi, french word for King

Rolo, variant of Rollo

Roma, name of the Italian capital city

Romy, short form of Rosemary

Roos, means rose in Dutch

Ruba, means hill in Arabic

Ruby, precious red stone

Rudy, short form of Rudolf

Ruth, means friend in Hebrew

Ruwa, means beauty in Arabic

Ryuu, means dragon in Japanese

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