Sibset of the Week: The Sidebottoms

Ryan Sidebottom, from

I should be a huge cricket fan, since one of the world’s best cricket grounds is on my doorstep, but I’m not a huge follower. Well, I do follow the international version to a certain degree i.e. when I hear we’re thrashing India et al. I’ve only ever been to see the cricket once in the well-known Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, and today’s father was playing that day. He’s also been called up for England on a number of occasions.

Ryan Jay Sidebottom was born in 1978, and is valued for being a left-handed player in both batting and bowling disciplines. My brother also happens to be a left-handed player, whilst I’m what I like to call a half-hearted leftie, i.e. I only write with my left-hand, I play tennis and so forth with my right hand. He began playing for Nottinghamshire in 2003, staying until 2010 when he absconded up north to play for Yorkshire. In terms of his international career, he made his test and ODI début in 2001, with his last appearance coming in 2010.

Together with his wife Kate, they have two children with lovely names. Since there are only two, I considered shuffling in another family to lengthen the post, but it is such a delightful pairing:

Indiana Nell

Darley Jack

I quite like the pairing of a rather modern choice for a first name with a slightly more old-timey nickname-y-esque name placed in the middle. It works, and that’s all it really needs to do. Well done lad.

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5 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Sidebottoms

  1. Sidebottom — now there’s a magnificent surname. I believe it is sometimes pronounced Siddybottarm.

    On a serious note, it must be difficult chosing names when you have such a “distinctive” surname. Indiana and Darley are pretty good, although Darley Sidebottom does have a very northern feel to my ear.

    Both my and my Small Child are left-handers too, btw 😉


  2. Lovely old Northern surname!

    Cute sibset (love Darley, it’s like a nickname for Darling), but most Indianas get nicknamed Indi – so would her name sound like “in the side bottom”? Whatever a side bottom is …. it sounds vaguely indecent to me.

    Anyway, I vote for yay to Darley, boo to Indiana, double yay for the middle names, and quadrauple yay for the surname.


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