Sibset of the Week: The Halls

Harry Hill, from

This week’s sibset is vaguely topical, since the daddy hit the news last week. Matthew Keith Hall, better known as Harry Hill gathered his fame through his critically successful show Harry Hill’s TV Burp in which he made fun of events of the TV from the preceding week. It’s been nine years since it’sd inception, and last week Harry Hill quit the show – I love being on topic for once, rather than talking about bands which split several years ago.

But staying on topic, we must now ask what the funnyman and his partner Madga Archer named their three girls, born between 1997 and 2004 (not at the beginning of the 20th century as you may initially think). Well…

Kitty Clover

Winifred Millicent

Frederica Aster

If I’m honest, this is not the kind of naming style I was expecting, but it’s a pleasant surprise for me; proof one shouldn’t judge a book by a cover. Personally, I’m curious enough to hope his middle daughter is nicknamed Winnie; infact, it wasn’t immediately obvious to me that the younger two have ‘fred’ names, although you may be surprised to know that the names aren’t etymologically linked.

What do you think? I love how the last two names go together, but I’m not sure I like how Kitty fits in, but I won’t deny that she does have a pretty kick-ass name.

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6 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Halls

  1. Awkward Turtle

    I read one of his books for, um, research into being grown up and it was dedicated to Kitty, Winnie and Freddie.


  2. I’m not familiar with the show, but I have to say, I like this set! I’m especially in love with number two… what musicality! Though, I’m most intrigued by number three.


  3. A lovely Winifred! Kitty Clover is almost too cute.


  4. Lovely names, I really adore Frederica Aster.


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