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It’s already Friday? Time really is starting to fly, especially since Mother Nature has blessed Blighty with summer weather to see out the month of September. Part of me is glad to get another week of summer dress wearing; part of me really wants to get my pink scarf out of the back of the wardrobe.

Unlike the weather, the trends of names are slightly more predictable if you devote enough time to analysing the data contained in the popularity charts. Good job then that I find myself flicking through the data for England&Wales on an almost daily basis, such is the lifestyle of a name blogger. The point I’m working towards? As of late I’ve noticed a trend in the delightfully inspiring land beyond the Top 100. That trend is the domination of Darcey and Macey in their various versions, which disappoints me somewhat, since I’ve always penned my hopes on a resurgence for the name Darcey for the lads. That may be a fading dream though, just take a look at these figures:

Darcy – #115

Darcey – #126

Macey – #149

Darcie – #150

Macie – #154

I’m not a betting person, unless I’m offered a game of bingo, but I’m willing to place maybe a tuppence on the notion that Darcy in whatever form will be in the female Top 100 in the coming years. Of course, both names are relatively similar in style, since they both share the letters a, c, e and either y or i. So let’s combine those two ideas by looking at names currently in the Top 100 for England&Wales, which contain the letter combination of ace, in whatever order:

Alice – #43

Charlotte – #20

Grace – #9

Gracie – #51

Jessica – #6

Lacey – #36

Rebecca – #82

Scarlett – #24

It’s an interesting trend to keep an eye on, since it’s mostly a quietly bubbling one at the moment, not yet jumping into the raging kettle standard of bubbling alongside Aidan et al. It’s also interesting because I love many of the names listed above, so I have a personal interest in how they fare in the next few years. So the question we must now address is what are some alternative ace names, which are a little lower down in terms of popularity?

Angelica Catherine Cressida Marcie
Beatrice Cecelia Electra Mercia
Benedicta Cecilia Erica Nancie
Cadence Celia Felicia Nectaria
Calliope Chanel Frances Océane
Camille Claire Francine Octavie
Candice Clarice Frederica Patience
Caprice Clementina Hatice Peaches
Carmel Claudette Jacqueline Peace
Carmen Constance Leticia Temperance
Carole Coralie Mackenzie Valencia
Caroline Cordelia Marcelina Veronica
Cassiopeia Cornelia Marcella Zuleica

Any favourites? It’s an interesting mix of names, from classic choices such as Claire and Carole, with some modern-mamma options as well, such as Peaches and Caprice – I actually know a teenaged Caprice, who is the twin sister of a girl named Gabriella, usually known as Gabby.

I’ll be honest, I’m one of the select minority who don’t worship the ground the new Duchess walks on; it seems apt really, given how much my mother despised Diana. That said, I really do like the name Catherine to the extent she’s my preferred spelling and if I’d gone with the letter i instead of c, we could’ve added names such as Adelaide and Henrietta into the mix. Also lovely choices, both of which I’ve seen enjoy an increase in popularity on name boards recently.

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6 thoughts on “Ace Names

  1. Awkward Turtle

    That’s an interesting set! It’s a good concept.


  2. Lots of nice names on offer – I like Cordelia and Cressida, and in a weird way I kind of like Clarice too.


  3. namemuststay

    Oy, I don’t like Nectaria. Too foodie.

    Great post! And don’t lose all hope on Darcy for boys – I went to high school with one!


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