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I’m currently working my way through my father’s expansive CD collection in a desperate attempt to get more tunes on my iPod so I don’t get bored whilst on the cross-trainer at the gym. One of my father’s favourite bands in called Duran Duan, who were formed in 1978 and were one of the most successful bands of the 1980s. 14 of their singles have hit the Top 10 in the UK Singles Chart. That’s how I came to be listening to Wild Boys last night on the Hi-Fi, and it really was a blast from the past. So much so, they’ve gotten a post out of me from it about the collective names of their offspring, which really are notable.

Simon Le Bon is the lead singer of the band, joining in 1980 after a series of various line-up changes. With him they released their first eponymous album a year after he joined ranks. In December 1985 he married model Yasmin Parvaneh, and together they’ve had three daughters:

Amber Rose Tamara

Saffron Sahara

Tallulah Pine

Roger Taylor is the current drummer for Duran Duran, being part of their line-up until he left in 1985. He late re-joined the band in 2001. With his first wife, Giovanna, he has three children. Following his second marriage to Gisella, he welcomed a son in July 2011:




Julian Roger

Nick Rhodes is also part of the original line-up, and was Duran Duran’s keyboardist. In 1984 he married Julie Friedman, and together they welcomed a daughter in 1986:

Tatjana Lee Orchid

John Taylor is the other co-founder of the band, born Nigel John Taylor and is not related to Roger Taylor. He played the bass guitar for the band and with wife Amanda de Cadenet had one daughter before they divorced in 1995. Her name?

Atlanta Noo

Not so much Wild Boys with 6 girls and 3 boys between them. There seems to be a natural theme going off, with Simon leading the trend with the names Amber, Sahara, Rose, Saffron and Pine and the rest of the pack following with Orchid and Atlanta. I see an underlying theme of the week developing, what with yesterday’s post on spices and the post on Sunday about Silver and Stone. Will it continue? Perhaps. Qui vivra verra.

Either way, a quick continuation of the theme is that I know a girl named Rio after the Duran Duran song. It’s the Spanish word for river, and former England Football captain Rio Ferdinand is a notable male bearer.

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8 thoughts on “Wild….Girls?

  1. Your father’s CD collection? Gulp. I’m pretty sure I still have Duran Duran CDs rattling around in my CD collection …

    In any case, Noo is baffling, but Atlanta is great!


    • If it makes you feel better, my father has also bought One Direction’s new single, despite having at least two daughters in their aimed demographic. He’s just down with the kids like that 😉


  2. namemuststay

    I’ve never really considered it before, but I really like Rio for a girl (sounds sweet), but I like the English word, River, for a boy.


  3. My husband has some Duran Duran CDs too … or at least has downloaded them from iTunes or something …

    It’s strange that all their children combined could pass for one giant sibset – I guess they must all have very compatible tastes (pretty much the same with Kiss, from memory).

    I wouldn’t have put an Ellea and an Elliot in one family, but oh well. 🙂


  4. namemuststay

    I’ve never really considered it before, but I really like Rio for a girl (sounds sweet), but I like the English word, River, for a boy.


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