Three’s A Crowd Redux


Screen shot from Pixar's short For The Birds.

Back on Wednesday I covered a selection of names used for only 3 girls in 2010 in England&Wales, split into several different categories for ease of perusing. Now it’s time for the boys; some categories have remained the same, some have taken a backbench to new categories, but there are still some interesting finds unearthed:

Double The Fun (Hyphen Names)

Abdul-Basit Craig-Junior Kian-Lee Michael-James
Aiden-Jay Danny-Jay Kobi-Jay Mohammed-Ibrahim
Alexander-James Frankie-Jay Kyron-Lee Noah-James
Alfie-John Freddie-Joe Layton-Lee Oliver-John
Ashton-Thomas Haider-Ali Leighton-James Peter-James
Aston-James Jack-Daniel Leon-James Reggie-Lee
Austin-James James-Dean Lewis-James Richie-Lee
Bailey-Lee Jayden-Paul Liam-James Rory-James
Billy-George Jay-Lee Logan-John Saif-Ali
Bobby-Jay Jenson-Lee Logan-Reese Sean-Paul
Brody-Lee Jessie-James Louie-George Tee-Jay
Brooklyn-Lee John-Joseph Lucas-Lee Theo-James
Callum-John Joseph-Junior Mackenzie-Lee Thomas-Lee
Cee-Jay Junior-James Marcus-Lee Tommy-Joe
Charlie-Ray Kai-James Marley-Jay Tristan-Lee
Connor-Jay Kayden-Scott Mason-James Tyler-Dean

The hyphen-names this time around, from which the above grid features only a selection used for 3 children, feature a handful names from other cultures, such as Abdul-Basit.

Dictionary Corner (Word Names)

Berke Haven Math Steele
Brooke Ho Messiah Success
Daemon Indigo Paisley Sumit
Deacon Ion Precious Sunni
Earl Jaz Promise Tailor
Excel Knight Raven Twin
Fallon Laike Rayne Usher
Frey Lexus Rogue Van
Geordie Linkin Sage You
Gunnar Mate Shams  

A mix of names from the familiar Mate; to the slightly innappropriate Ho; to the friendly Geordie. A couple of these, such as Success were also on the female list from earlier on this week.

Eton Boys

Agustin Claudio Ignacio
Alphonse Claudius Odysseus
Archibold Demetrios Octavio
Aristotelis Demetrius Tarquin
Caesar Emilios Theodorus
Casimir Evangelos Theolonious

One of my favourite quirky category names, it features names from many a yester-year which are most often used by the upper-classes, hence, parents of boys who go to Eton.

Surnames Up Front

Adison Connell Jonson Morley
Baker Cormack Kendall Murdoch
Beckett Cullan Laurent Nashe
Benet Davids Lavelle Newton
Cameran Elton Llewelyn Olivers
Carlin Fisher Lovell O’Shay
Carlyle Foster Macauley Pearce
Carnell Frazier Madden Porter
Carsten Gulliver Marloe Rourke
Carvell Haywood Marquez Russel
Clarke Hennessey Maynard Sanchez
Collins Hershel Mercer Trafford
Connan Jones Montagu Truman

Short ‘n’ Sweet (4-letters or less)

Alie Egor Lexx Romy
Alp Fin Lief Ry
Aly Flyn Macs Seve
Amon Gabe Malo Shem
Arry Gwyn MJ Tam
Atta Hano Moe Tarn
Bodi Iggy Neo Taro
Bora Indi Neyo Tega
Cass Jedd Nial Troi
Ceri Kei Pele Xan
Colm Keo Pio Ying
Colt Kion Reg  
Cy Kohl Reno  
Dray Kylo Rhyz  

We had a couple more two-letter names this time around, and a few of these, such as Alp, couldv’e qualified for the word list.

Kim Kardashian’s Future Children

Kahlebh Kaylub Kingson
Kal Kearno Korbyn
Kamden Keifer Kyree
Kartar Kennie Kyzer
Kavali Kensley  
Kayllum Kerry  

A follow on from the female list of the same name, there are quite a few creative spellings going on, such as Kahlebh for Caleb; Kartar for Carter.

The Notable Few

Finlo Jolyon Tadgh
Garth Mungo Wilfie
Griffith Munro Wolfgang
Hadrian Sylvester  
Hektor Sylas  

Basically just a group of names which caught my eye for one reason or the other which I felt were worthy of a mention, however small. Tadgh is an Irish name which means poet.

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3 thoughts on “Three’s A Crowd Redux

  1. Awkward Turtle

    If I had any reason to use Wolfgang I would. Same for Finlo. I think Moe’s quite sweet (an alternative version of Gus, maybe?) but is better as a nickname.

    Also, I have heard of Geordie as a nickname for George (only on American sites though).


  2. Mate, interesting – is it possibly said the Spanish way, I wonder?

    I’m guessing that Ho is Vietnamese or something (our Vietnamese doctor is called Ho).

    You – just staggers me that this was given to 3 babies really. “Hey, You!”

    Pleased to see both Griffith and Tadhg – both names I’ve featured on my blog!


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