A is for Apple

Adele, from brainz.org

The letter A kicks off the 26-letter alphabet, and does a fine job of it, so it’s no wonder many a wonderful name begins with the letter A. Indeed the letter A is somewhat over-represented in the Top 100 of England&Wales at the moment, with 12 girl names and 10 boys names taking  up over 20% of the slots on both lists.

Girls: Alexandra, Aisha, Annabelle, Amelia, Ava, Abigail, Amy, Alice, Aimee, Amber, Amelie, Anna

Boys: Alfie, Alexander, Archie, Adam, Alex, Aaron, Aiden, Ashton, Arthur, Aidan

I too love names starting with the letter A, but my loves are rather under-represented when it comes to the Top 100 of England&Wales. Whilst Alice and Arthur rank in the top flight, Ada and Asa don’t, thus the following lists were born:

12 Girls Names I’d Love To See In The Top 100:

1. Adele (#683 with 84 births)

The name of a popular singer who hails from London, it comes from Germanic origins and means noble.

2. Araminta (#3533 with 6 births)

A name invented by a 18th-century English playwright, perhaps inspired by the name Aminta which means defender.

3. Adelaide (#910 with 38 births)

The name of a city in Australia named after George IV’s wife, this name has the same origins as Adele, thus she means noble.

4. Audrey (#655 with 57 births)

Of Old English origins, she means noble strength.

5. Arabella (#228 with 218 births)

A variant of the name Annabel, which means loveable. It was used as the name of a play by Richard Strauss.

6. Ada (#499 with 81 births)

Ada Byron Lovelace was a famed English mathematician, and her name is also of the same origins as Adele, thus she means noble.

7. Azure (no rank)/ Azura (#5707 with 3 births)

Azure is a shade of blue, whilst Azura is a slight elaboration of the name.

8. Aurora (#549 with 73 births)

The Roman Goddess of dawn, the name as such means dawn in Latin.

9. Agnes (#758 with 48 births)

Jennifer Connelly recently named her daughter Agnes Lark, a name which comes from Greek and means pure or holy.

10. Andra (#2843 with 8 births)

A variant of the name Andrea, which means either manly or womanly depending on whether you feminise the meaning or not.

11. Athena (#583 with 68 births)

The Greek goddess of wisdom, amongst other things, and thus the name means wise.

12. Agatha (#878 with 40 births)

Agatha Christie is a well-known English mystery author and her name comes from the Greek, meaning good.

10 Boys Names I’d Love To See In The Top 100:

1. Archer (#811 with 36 births)

The name of the long-running radio show The Archers, the word has it’s origins in Old French, and ultimately comes from the Latin word arcus, meaning bow.

2. Ambrose (#1483 with 16 births)

Of Greek origins meaning immortal.

3. Aurelius (no rank)/Aurelio (#2941 with 6 births)

Of Latin origins meaning golden.

4. Amedeo (no rank)/Amadeus (#3865 with 4 births)

The famous middle name of Mozart although he wasn’t born with it, the name comes from the Latin, meaning love of God.

5. August (#2941 with 6 births)

Of Latin origins meaning great, it’s the name of the eighth month in the Western Calendar.

6. Asa (#660 with 48 births)

Comes from the Hebrew word for doctor; the Japanese word for morning; the Nigerian word for hawk.

7. Angus (#311 with 143 births)

Of Scottish Gaelic origins, Angus means one choice.

8. Asher (#364 with 112 births)

Of Hebrew origins, this name means happy.

9. Arlo (#305 with 146 births)

Either a slight variation of the name Harlow, which means fortified hill or a derivation from the Italian version of Charles.

10. Atticus (#942 with 30 births)

Popularised by Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, it is of Latin origins and means from Athens.

I know this isn’t a complete list of all fantastic A names out there, and I’m sure you’ll all have different Top 12/10 lists to me. Aloysius was certainly one name I’m sad to have not included, and indeed Arrow and Avril were both cut from the long list with a heavy heart as well.

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9 thoughts on “A is for Apple

  1. Emily

    Adele is a longtime favorite of mine. Ada is a middle name possibility for me as she was the name of my ggg grandmother who, from what my great-grandmother has told me, was a lovely woman. Aurelia is another A name I’ve come to love since I discovered her on my family tree. I like some of the others on this list but wouldn’t seriously consider using them. Here are some other A names I like:




    • Amira is one gorgeous name, I have a friend who gave it to her daughter as a middle, and another who’s actually called Amira. I also think Alec is the bee’s knees when it comes to Alex- names.


  2. People really do love their A names, there is something rather wonderful about a name starting with A – it’s so forthright.

    I love your “wished for” Top 100 A names – 5 of them are already on state Top 100s in Australia, and a couple of the others I can see joining them in a couple of years, as they seem to be everywhere.

    Two more nice A names I’d like to see in the Top 100 are Angharad and Amos, but I’m not holding my breath! 🙂


    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Adele hits the Top 100 in the coming years since the singer is almost worshipped by some people here in the UK, even though she recently missed out on the Mercury Prize; I know Audrey is in the Top 50 in Canada as well.


      • My sister is an Adele and she is ten and my brother is Isaac. Both have names tipped to be big. And I get Ebony.


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  6. My sisters an Adele and she has actually met another and there were only 2 born in NSW but I live in WA


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