Name Spot of the Week: Gingers and Redheads

Yay for summer sunshine 🙂

I’m quite proud of my summer redhead tendencies, since my hair goes more lightish auburn in the winter. Right now my hair colour is at it’s peak, so it won’t be long until I wave my shiny ginger locks goodbye until next spring. Jenny Wicks has made a career of photographing redheads, and collected all of these pictures together in a book, Root Ginger: A Study of Red hair. I’m actually considering buying the book, but for now, here are the names of some of the participants, categorised into either toddler, child, teen, adult or OAP:

Alice, child and the twin of Lily.

Ann, OAP

Benji, adult

Bertie, child

Bexy, teen. Likely to be Rebecca, which hit the top spot in 1994.

Christina, adult

David Snoo, adult

Eamon, adult

Fiona, adult

Isla Mae, toddler

Lily, child and twin of Alice.

Maddie, toddler

Mark, adult

Ray, OAP

Richard, adult

Soda Pop, toddler (could be a nickname?)

Want to see them for yourselves? Both The Daily Mail and The Guardian gave coverage to the book, with The Daily Mail including some lovely quotes from the parents or person themselves; I particularly loved Benji’s comment:

I had to grow fast as my mother’s reaction to being told her first born was a ginger was to weep uncontrollably

So, Mer de Noms officially loves a bit o’ red hair. But now for some middle names. Remember this week’s post on cricket captains? What I failed to mention in the post was Kevin Peiterson’s middle name: Peter. Yes. Kevin Peter Pieterson. Not as bad as the Welsh butcher I saw on BBC Breakfast a few months ago: William Williams. I’m pretty sure they gave his middle name in the on screen name tag thing, so it was William James Williams or something like that since I can’t actually remember what his middle name was.

I love the name Avril, and was even more delighted when I found out what Miss. Lavigne’s middle name was this week: Ramona. Ever since Outnumbered hit the airwaves with young Ramona Marquez, I’ve nursed a love for this name.

Quickly strolling back to cricket, test side captain Andrew Strauss has two sons: Sam and Luca. You may be thinking the pair are not well matched, what with Luca being a bit out there and all, but you’d be surprised when you see the rankings of each name from the England&Wales 2010 data:

Sam – #93

Luca – #70

Yes, Luca is the more popular name. I was surprised too.

But let’s turn back to Kate Moss’ wedding. It may be long over, but this week I caught sight of the name of the man who made her shoes: Manolo Blahnik. It’s the Spanish diminuative of Manuel; Mr. Blahnik was indeed born a Manuel.

And one last spot. I had a friend forcefully sit me down in front of Made In Chelsea recently. I had no choice really, since I’d fallen down the stairs that day and thus couldn’t escape. There’s a girl in it called Caggie, whom I found out is actually a Catherine. I’m not sure what to think of it, it’s nice enough.

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5 thoughts on “Name Spot of the Week: Gingers and Redheads

  1. What no Rufus or Rory? How disappointing!

    The name Ramona is too strongly associated for me with Cold Feet. Shows my age!


  2. Didn’t anyone give their redheaded child a nice red name? No Scarletts, Rubys, Gingers or Russells? Boo-oo!

    Every time I see someone with the same (or similar) name to their surname, I just wonder what their parents were thinking. I know that in the 18th century this was considered a very aristocratic thing to do, and even if your surname was Cresswell or Marchbank or something, you’d be called Cresswell Cresswell or Marchbank Marchbank.


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  5. Audrey S.

    Soda Pop is the brother of the main character in S. E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders,” whose given name is Pony Boy. Might be a reference but it’s a bizarre given name either way.


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