Name Spot of the Week: Soya

Torchwood:Miracle Day poster, from

This week’s a quick one because I’m been struck down with a cough that makes typing a gazillion times more difficult. As an aside, the bear-shaped waterbottle I’m currently clutching for comfort is called Baboo.

My sister sent me this article the other day about a pregnant teen for the names. Soya is 15-years-old and the youngest child of Janis, who has three other children:  Coco, Tarot and Ritzy (the latter two are twins). These two suggestion by some readers on names for the new baby gave me a chuckle:

Soya, Ritzy,Coco, Tarot. Lovely names, did Janis choose them herself or were they forced on her by an alien race determined to give the rest of us humans a good laugh? Can I suggest that if Soya is searching for suitable names for her baby to add to the family collection she could do worse than Gluten ( if a boy) or Lactose (if a girl) If on the other hand she is looking for a gender indeterminate name she might want to consider Hydrogen or Oxygen

I’m sure her brother Tofu is looking forward to a new house too, not to mention the twins Hummus & Cous-Cous

Personally, I can see the rational behind the name Soya, it is a darn pretty name to say. Perhaps even an encouragement of healthy eating to the bearer, but the world outside of baby names nerdom clearly are not impressed by the name.

Big Brother kicked off last night in it’s Channel 5 reboot. The celebrity housemates all have relatively recognisable names, such as Pamela, Tara, Sally and Darryn, but I am fascinated by Bobby’s surname: Sabel. Usually if one sees this name, it’s as Sable.

I also caught some of the new Torchwood:Miracle Day the other night. I’ve seen a couple of people saying online that the American company the current series was made in partnership with has ruined the series, personally I’m still upset the killed off Ianto, the man with quite clearly the best name in the show. The plot of Miracle Day is interesting, what would we do if people just stopped dying? Either way, a man named Mekhi plays one of the main characters:Rex. Plus, Gwen Cooper now has a daughter named Anwen, who was originally slated to be an Emily.

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7 thoughts on “Name Spot of the Week: Soya

  1. I quite like Soya and her siblings’ names — possibly not in one sibset though. A warning against getting too obsessed about ‘themes’ when naming, I think.

    Totally agree with the verdict on Torchwood. It is no longer Torchwood. This no-one dying theme is an interesting concept, but I think they’ve dragged it out waaaay too long! Where’s the Doctor when you need him? And they could have resurrected Ianto somehow if they’d wanted, surely?! Still, glad they honoured the show’s Welsh roots enough to go with Anwen for the baby rather than Emily.


  2. LOVE Sable! like completely adore it. I would use it in a nanosecond.


  3. I saw the article about Janis and her wayward teen daughter just the other day – for some reason, the UK always has the best “shocking mother” stories from the gutter press.

    Soya isn’t bad, it’s a bit like Sonya without the N, but pairing it with Coco may have been overkill.

    I only learned of Mekhi Phifer recently when someone posted his name on my blog: and here he is again!


    • Yes, the Daily Mail (or Daily Fail as a lot of my friends dub it) can be guaranteed to churn out plenty of such articles in abundance. Subscribe, sit back — and enjoy (or cringe, whichever you prefer!).


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