Name Spot of the Week: Football

Saturday's scoreline as shown by fan favourite Lee Hughes, from

It’s back! Last weekend saw the much welcomed beginning of the new footballing season, or soccer to any confused readers, and my team thrashed the opposition 3-0 in their first game on Saturday. I was also glued to the TV watching the tie between Man City and Man U which ended as 3-2 to Man U, after the scoreline was 2-0 to City at half time.

Either way, in terms of names, Carlisle is by far ahead of Notts, County or even Magpie. 6 lads were given the name Carlisle last year and a further 3 given the name Carlyle. Thid may also be the best time to talk about a nugget of information concerning my hometown of Nottingham. Anyone familiar with place names will know that the suffix ingham means the town/homestead of the people of; Nottingham was not founded by a Nott, however, it was founded by a Snot and was originally called Snotingaham. I do not not endorse the name Snot.

As you may be able to tell, I am a huge footie fan. I would play, but my knee won’t let me. Over the Summer, County signed a man by the name of Alan Sheehan who particularly impressed my father during his début. Alan doesn’t interest me particularly, but Sheehan has triggered some thoughts. We have a friendly against Nottingham Forest next week, who live about 300m away across the River Trent. According to my Grandad, we don’t say the ‘f’ word in our household, so I could never name a child Forest, but will admit he has his pros.

Lee Hughes is a fan favourite at County, but his brash way of approaching the game means lots of yellow cards and abuse from the opposition crowd (On Saturday he gestured 3-0 to the home crowd whilst walking off after being subbed out which was not well received). We now have another Hughes at County who is called Jeff. I won’t deny the Geoffrey is a name I secretly adore.

Last week Waltzing mentioned a teen mother with two daughters in one of her sibset posts. This week in the UK, we’ve been following the tale of Michael and Cheryl, who welcomed first son Liam at the wee ages of 13 and 15, respectively. 9 years on and they’ve just tied the knot, and have two other children: Bryan and Archie. Whilst Liam and Archie are both Top 50 favourites, Bryan ranked at #625 in 2010.

Whilst we on the topic of popular names, an intriguing point came up between Elea and I on her recent post about the Top 20. Despite loving all the unusual names such as Xanthe and Gideon that everyone else does not care for, I still can’t let Harry go from my heart, and Elea feels the same way about William. Anyone else feel the same? Are there any Top 20 picks you adore?

Now time for some bad news. A friend of a friend on Facebook has announced she’s to name her daughter Miilah Paris.

I adore the name Zephyr, and my Dad and I have a running joke about Julia Bradbury after my littlest sister announced, aged 3, that my Dad had to get a girlfriend so she could have a younger sibling as our mother is far too old to have any more children. This was followed by many weeks of my Dad throwing names of female presenters at her, and she saying no. However, she said yes to Julia Bradbury, for some reason. Why does this all matter? Because Julia Bradbury welcomed a son last week, and named him Zephyr. I’d love to have a brother called Zephyr! Julia herself is apparently half Greek, which may explain the choice. Predictably, the DailyMail doesn’t like the choice.

Last Wednesday also saw me complete two thirds of the tests I need to do before I can be unleashed on the motorway of Britain. Anyone following me on twitter will remember my delight at sitting next to a Cindy Margaret in the waiting room. I caught a glimpse of her provisional, so I can confirm she is just a Cindy. Not a name I’d normally like, but I’ve been all over these past few days and have come out with the belief that Cindy is a darn fine name to call oneself.

I’ve previously mentioned my thoughts on the name Meno, and indeed other ‘-o’ names but even I failed to think up some of the fantastic names on this list . She may be new to blogging, but Kristen doesn’t leave a single stone unturned! Which reminds me, I’m no Eric lover, but his Finnish form ticks all the right boxes for me: Eero.

I also wish to send out my thoughts to those living in London right now. Keep safe.

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2 thoughts on “Name Spot of the Week: Football

  1. Some of my favorite footie related names are:

    Chelsea (no surprise)
    Aston (Villa)
    Gunner (better than Arsenal)
    Brighton (growing in popularity in the US for a girl)
    Peter (boro 🙂 )
    Crystal (Palace)
    West (Ham)
    Leigh (dzzz – okay that was stretching it a bit)

    Fun post (and so glad the season has started again).


  2. Love Zephyr!

    Two of my favourite Top 20 names are Lucy and Oscar! That might give you a secret smile …

    Truly, there’s lots of lovely Top 20 names out there, and I’d hate to think a parent would give up a name they absolutely loved, just from a fear of adding to the growing pool of Rubys and Olivers.


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