Babar the Elephant

Babar, from

I loved reading these books as a child and I recently bought one of the books as a gift for my goddaughter, who is already fast approaching another birthday. They grow up so fast.

As a child I did not particularly pay attention to the names, so only now do I actually realise what a lovely collection of names they are.

Babar’s family include:

  • Celeste, wife
  • Arthur, brother-in-law
  • Pom, Flora and Alexander, triplet children of Babar
  • Isabelle, youngest child
Other characters include:
  • Zephir
  • Cornelius
  • Victor
  • Basil
Any favourites? I can get over the loveliness of the triplet set, Flora is adorable.
But our list gets even longer with the introduction of the new series, Babar and the adventures of Badou, which hit screens in 2010 and follows the pursuits of Babar’s grandson, Badou. The names of new characters include:
  • Chiku, daughter of Zephir
  • Munroe
  • Zawadi
  • Ramsay, Skylar and Hannah
  • Rhudi
  • Periwinkle, Pom’s wife and mother of Badou
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2 thoughts on “Babar the Elephant

  1. Bourneville

    I agree with you, Flora is a lovely name. I’ve always wondered if Pom was short for something, but as the series is originally from France all I can think of is Pomeline – a girls name!


  2. I thought Pom might be short for Pompadour, but apparently there’s an elephant already called that in the books who’s one of Babar’s head servants – it seems sweet but unlikely that a king would name his son after his servant.

    Maybe Pommery? That’s a French champagne house. Or Pomme after the apple. Or Pompey? At least that one’s a real name ……


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