Sibset of the Week: The Whileys

Jo Whiley, via

Jo Whiley, via

The Radio DJ Jo Whiley, born Johanne, recently switched stations from BBC Radio 1 to BBC Radio 2 after a stint lasting over 10 years. She’s noted as being capable of identifying hits before they actually become them and perhaps that’s also true for the names she’s chosen for her offspring. They were born over a 15 year or so period, so I’ve included roughly the year each was born to give a better indication of their ages:

India (1991)

Jude (2002)

Cassius (2004)

Coco Lux (2008)

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9 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Whileys

  1. This woman is very “on trend”.


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  3. AwkwardTurtle

    I love India, Jude and Cassius but Coco Lux is a but much for me. She sounds like a luxury brand of chocolate.


  4. kate

    just found this blog after googling ‘Jude Cassius’ – the name of our baby boy born in June. I have never heard of jo Whiley (I’m from Australia). Our other boy is Gabriel Augustine.


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