Name Spot of the Week:Matlock and Driving Tests

BSM logo adorned Fiat 500, from

I spent a glorious day soaking up the sunshine in Matlock on Sunday, celebrating the end of the summer term last week. Whilst in Matlock, I met a lovely little girl called Willow, who insisted that her name was in fact Wiley.

On the subject of school, I found out via a friend of a friend that Jermaine Jenas recently got hitched. To explain, I have a handful of friends in my circle that went to school with him, and whilst in the discussion I found out he now has a daughter named Sancha. For those not in the know, Jenas is an English football player currently signed to Spurs who has played for England on occasion. He’s a good few years older than me, so by the time I got to secondary, he’d already left school and signed to Forest.

I’m on a French film roll at the moment. It started from a high I had when I watched my first full length french film sans subtitles about a month ago and I’m on a role. I’ve just finished watching Être et avoir for the second time, which features an adorable Jessie, a Létitia and an Axel. The French itself isn’t particularly taxing, since the majority of the dialogue is by 6ish year-olds.

I’ve also just started Séraphine, about the French painter, Séraphine Louise. I’m a huge fan of the name Séraphine, which I prefer to the English version Seraphina.

Bob Geldof appeared on TopGear last Sunday, and whenever his name is mentioned, I feel it obligatory to remind you all yet again of his creatively named children with Paula Yates: Fifi Trixabelle, Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa and Little Pixie Frou-Frou. I actually met Peaches by chance whilst standing outside the Empire in Leicester Square. I may not particularly like her, but I can remember admiring her eyes when I walked into her.

However, did you known Bob bears the middle name Zenon? It comes from the first name of his Belgium grandfather who immigrated to England and then Ireland. Bob’s father was brother to Cleo Zenobie and May.

I have my Driving Theory Test coming up next week which counts as two-thirds of my Driving Test. I’m currently not panicking about too much, since I’ve been blitzing all the practice questions I’ve  managed to lay my hands on. I’m learning to drive with BSM, which was founded by a Stanley, a current name crush of mine. The current head of the Driving Standards Agency which performs the Driving Tests in the UK is a Rosemary.

The car I’m learning to drive in is a little Fiat 500, which was originally designed by a Dante, although the one I drive is the newer model, which was designed by a Roberto.

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4 thoughts on “Name Spot of the Week:Matlock and Driving Tests

  1. Sara A.

    There’s nothing like watching soaps for learning a new language. First off the concepts are fairly easy to comprehend. Secondly, everyone talks slowly so that each plot twist has time to hit home. Third, you’ll learn some slang. Fourth, if they do go beyond your skill set, then you can figure out what’s going on by watching. I truly credit my current Spanish abilities to telenovelas.


  2. Zenon and Zenobie are magnificent names — although I prefer the original Zenobia to the French Zenobie. There are also a lot of marvelous variants of it in the West Country in the 17th-19th Centuries too!


  3. Stanley and Rosemary actually sound like a sibset – as does Roberto and Dante! Like both of them!


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