Calamity Cal Pt.I

Calvin Harris, popular singer/DJ in the UK, from

I’ve already mentioned my friend Cal and his son Cal earlier on this week, but I want to talk some more about their name. In 2009, 4 male Cals were born in England&Wales.

The name itself could come as a short form of many. So lets start there, by looking first at some of the more popular names you can get Cal from:


The name Calvin comes from the French surname Chauvin, which means bald. In 2009, he ranked at #381 in England and Wales, with 103 births. Jean Chauvin, a theologian from France, is usually credited as brining the name into general use, since in English he is known as John Calvin, not Jean Chauvin. Chauvin was one of the leaders in the Protestant Reformation.

In the UK, one of the best known bearers is Calvin Harris, an electronica artist, who once stormed the stage of X Factor with a pineapple on his head.

There’s also the brand, Calvin Klein, founded in the late 60s by Calvin Klein. In Europe, they mainly sell underwear and perfume. I believe their collection is much more vast in it’s home country of the States.

The meaning  usually assigned to this name is dog, which may not go down well with some people, but less we forget that they are man’s best friend. In the UK, Caleb is a few places shy of the Top 100 at #104, with 615 births.
In the Old Testament, it was the name of one of the twelve spies who were sent by Moses to Israel. Only Caleb and Joshua lived to see the promised land of those Israelites whom left Eygpt with Moses. Like Calvin, this name also had roots in the Protestant Reformation, and the Puritans who moved to America introduced it there in the 17th century.
Michael. #51, 1385
One of the best used and known names on this list, I have a soft spot for him. Not just because I was almost a Michaela myself. Many other parents in England&Wales love him too, as 1385 babies named Michael were born in 2009, which puts Michael at a respectable #51. The name Michael means Who is like God?
A well known Michael is one of the seven Archangels, the earliest set of them being named:
  • Gabriel
  • Raphael
  • Uriel
  • Raguel
  • Remiel
  • Saraqael

This changes depending on which tradition you’re looking at, the set above come from the Book of Enoch, and Michael is generally one of the constant ones who appears again and again.  

The name Callum ultimately comes from the Late Latin name Columbus, which means dove. Right now, he’s widely popular in the UK, and currently sits at #28, with 2438 births in 2009.
The Northern Irish footballer George Best has a son named Calum, and in fact there is a whole league of sportsmen who bear the name:
  • Calum Bett. Icelandic football player.
  • Calum Bruce. New Zealand rugby player.
  • Calum Davenport. English football player.
  • Callum Davidson. Scottish football player.
  • Callum Ferguson. Australian cricketer.
  • Callum MacLeod. British racing driver.
  • Calum Murray. Scottish football referee


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  1. I like all those Cal names!


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