Name Spot of the Week: Shipping Forecast

Shipping Forecast map, showing all the region, from wikipedia

Occasionally when I can’t sleep, I listen to the shipping forecast on BBC Radio 4, and last night I caught the 0048 broadcast as a queasy tummy was keeping me awake. It’s broadcast 4 times dailyand gives the forecast and weather reports for the seas around the coast of the British Coast. Quite patriotically, the 0048 broadcast ends with God Save the Queen. Either way, the seas around the coast of the British Isles are split up into different areas, some of which have potential as names:




FitzRoy (Finisterre)






Minches (merged with Hebrides in the 80s)






In other places, there are a set of identical twins at my sisters school named Zephyr and Asher, nicknamed Ash and Zeph; they were the pigs in my sister’s recent school play.

Joanne Watson, single mother of one of the biggest broods in the UK was back in the news this week after it emerged her third eldest daughter, Mariah, 15, is her third daughter to become a teen mother. Either way, I’m fascinated by Febrianne’s name.

Do naming styles run in the family? Victoria Beckham has just given birth to daughter Harper Seven, and there’ve been comments that elder brother Brooklyn has the more feminine name. Victoria’s sister, Louise, also has four children: Liberty, Tallulah-May, Finlay and Quincy.

Finlay is the boy.

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3 thoughts on “Name Spot of the Week: Shipping Forecast

  1. With number names coming into fashion, Forth sounds like it could be a winner, hahaha!!

    I like Asher and Zephyr! Cool sibset.

    I’m jealous – my name’s Anna and I was born in February. Why did my parents never think of Febrianne???!!

    I like Louise’s kids names more.


  2. Someone commented on my blog that Cruz is also a girl’s name in Spain and they were surprised that the Beckham’s had chosen a “girl’s” name for their third son. In the UK Brooklyn is more popular as a boys name than as a girls. But it’s interesting that Louise has used some unisex names too (such as Quinn for a girl).

    Of the names you mentioned here I know both a female Malin and more than one female Shannon, and have also met male Shannon’s too.


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