Weekend Post: Pond Differences (Lasses)

The popularity of British singer Alesha Dixon probably explains why her name ranks as high as it does.

Following the same format as last week’s male version, and the same idea, which names in the England&Wales Female Top 150 do not appear in the US Top 500, or even the US Top 1000? The data for 2009 was compared, since the England&Wales 2010 data is as yet unreleased.

Let’s consider the former first, all the below names do not appear in the US Top 500, but do in the England&Wales Top 150, with the England&Wales ranking in brackets after:

Freya (#21) Zara (#75) Aisha (#101) Connie (#125) Georgina (#145)
Poppy (#22) Niamh (#76) Darcey (#107) Beatrice (#129) Cerys (#146)
Millie (#26) Libby (#78) Lois (#111) Neve (#129) Ebony (#148)
Imogen (#32) Florence (#80) Mollie (#112) Zainab (#133) Macey (#148)
Maisie (#34) Hollie (#82) Eloise (#112) Maja (#135)  
Matilda (#46) Tilly (#86) Darcy (#16) Tegan (#137)  
Amelie (#57) Harriet (#89) Abbie (#117) Alesha (#139)  
Rosie (#62) Eve (#92) Lara (#120) Maisy (#141)  
Aimee (#70) Esme (#95) Annabel (#122) Demi (#142)  
Tia (#72) Alisha (#96) Elsie (#124) Faye (#144)  

An honourable mention goes out to Lexie, who just missed the list by a single place, as she sits at #499 in the US Charts.

And those lucky few who don’t appear in the US Top 100 at all are:

Freya Tilly Zainab
Poppy Harriet Maja
Imogen Esme Tegan
Maisie Darcey Maisy
Isobel Lois Cerys
Rosie Darcy Ebony
Niamh Seren  
Florence Connie  
Hollie Neve  

Now for some exciting maths. In the lads post, 47 names out of 150 did not appear in the US Top 1000 at a lower than 500 ranking, compared with 44 for girls. However, only 16 of those 47 male names did not appear at all, compared with the female count of 24 names. As it looks as percentages:

31% of the Top 150 England&Wales Male names rank between 500 and 1000 in the US

29% of the Top 150 England&Wales Female names rank between 500 and 1000 in the US

11% of the Top 150 England&Wales Male names do not rank in the US Top 1000

16% of the Top 150 England&Wales Female names do not rank in the US Top 1000

Or at least, that’s how the percentages look according to the maths skills of the child of two accountants.


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4 thoughts on “Weekend Post: Pond Differences (Lasses)

  1. Interesting! A lot of these names are popular here as well.

    I am doing something SIMILAR but not quite the same. So stay tuned!! 🙂


  2. It does seem to be the case that the UK and Australian (and New Zealand) naming patterns are much closer to each other, while the US is often quite different, with very different perceptions regarding names. It definitely makes for an intriguing study.


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