Name Spot of the Week: Friday Download

The Friday Download logo, from the CBBC webpage

A new-ish show my sister has been watching on CBBC is called Friday Download, a show about the lastest trends in things such as movies, music and the like, which is presented by 12-16 years olds, with some interesting names:

Ceallach (Cel)


Tyger (Lindzi)




A British model by the name of Danielle Lloyd gave birth to her second son this week, and early reports say she’s named him Harry James, who now joins son Archie. Both names are in the UK top 20, and both are nicknames. I would call something like Charlie as her next pick, should she desire another child.

And in my own exciting life I got roped into helping my sister’s Brownie pack navigate through the local Nature Reserve last night. I made the mistake of saying yes when the pack leader asked me whether or not I go there often. Either way, I was delighted to see my sister share a pack with a Sarah Jane, Lorley, Merrin and an Edith (!!) amongst their number. For those not in the known, Brownies are for young girls between 7 and 10.

Also, on Page 3 of the Metro this week was an article all about a dog called – Kalula!

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One thought on “Name Spot of the Week: Friday Download

  1. Maybe Archie, Harry and … Freddie? Or Louie?

    Nice to see Merrin being used again – the only Merrin I know must be well into her 50s by now. (former schoolteacher)


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