The Thing About French Surnames…


Jennifer Ayache, lead singer of pop-punk band Superbus, from

Is it me, or would French surnames make for some unexpected first names? I was thinking about this the other day, whilst watching yet another French film, this time the cutesy documentary about some primary school kids – Avoir et être.

Let’s start with a classic example, the famous French thinker Francois-Marie Arouet – better known as Voltaire – and Arouet feels to me like a fresh take on Erin/Aaron. Then we have another thinker, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, from what I can tell the French can’t get enough of naming roads after this guy. Rousseau could be an alternative to Russell.

And the list goes on:

Alesi. Technically he should be disqualified, since the French F1 driver was of Italian origins, but Alesi sounds great in a French accent.

Ayache. The surname of the lead singer of French band, Superbus.

Camus. A French writer, known for penning L’Étranger.

Cassel. The surname of a French actor.

Lacourt. A French swimmer. The t is silent.

Marchet. Anothe French singer.

Marthe. The surname of French pop singer, Shy’m.

Matisse. The French artist inspired by the Fauvism movement. 

Mazières. The name of a French friend of mine, and a town in the Loire Valley.

Molière. A famous French writer.

Papillon. A French surname, and the word for butterfly.

Rabelais. The French equivalent of Shakespeare.

Renou. Another name of a French friend.

Tambay. A former French F1 driver.

Toulalan. A French footballer who played for France in the 2010 World Cup.

I’ve tried to include some modern examples alongside the historical ones, feel free to shout out other ideas, though.


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One thought on “The Thing About French Surnames…

  1. There are already babies called Monet – why not Matisse? (Mattie for short).

    Camus also seems like it could be popular.


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