The Sebastian Moment: 3 Alternatives for Seb/Bas

Vettel, from

What with the rather smug Vettel dominating F1 at the moment, I guess being a good little F1 fan, I must make mention of his name, however unwilling I may be, and however much I may wish for Hamilton to get it over with and ram him, as he’s done to most other drivers this season. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hamilton’s driving style, he really goes for it, but he does get carried away. Plus, it’s going to be raining at the back end of this week, just in time for the British Grand Prix!

Either way, we’re here to talk about Sebastian, not Lewis, and as a name I have no issues with it.

1. Baxter

See this as an extension of the nickname Baz, with just ter tagged on and a slight letter alteration. This is my current personal favourite nickname, since he has an almost current feel to him, in line with popular names such as Bentley, and even something such as Addison, as it fits with the surname trend.

2. Asa/Ace

Either could work, although I’m a sucker for the former. It comes from the two letters – as – from the middle of the name. You could maybe even take in one step further to get Bass, like the instrument.

3. Stanley

Sometime sI wonder, what with all my eureka moments, why I’m not a member of Mensa, like my cousin is. Yes, I am hugely proud of this brainwave. It came to me whilst I was wondering how to get a nickname from the end of Sebastiantian – with maybe a link to the beginning letter – s – so we get Stan, and move it along a tad to get Stanley.

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One thought on “The Sebastian Moment: 3 Alternatives for Seb/Bas

  1. Baxter and Ace are excellent … not sure about Stanley though …. maybe just Stan?


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