Sibset of the Week: The Speights

Mark Speight, from

We all have childhood heroes, and mine was the engaging presenter of a children’s art show, Mark Speight. He made art seem like so much fun, and it was a dark day when he took his own life after his fiancée’s death. Plus, he was a lefty, like myself, proving we lefties have the ability to draw pretty things.

Either way, he was part of a perhaps not-so-unusual sibset:

Mark Warwick Fordham

Tina Louise


His grandparents are the delightfully named: Leonard George and Evelyn Ada. His parents are Oliver Warwick and Jacqueline Fordham.

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2 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Speights

  1. Oh no, what a sad story!

    I love his grandparents names.


  2. Amanda

    My mother’s name is Tina Louise! (We’re in Canada) I’m sorry to hear about his (Mark’s) death, very sad.


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