The Alfred Magnet: 3 Alternative Nicknames


I mentioned this in the previous post, so I thought I’d act upon it by looking into alternate nicknames for Alfred, that isn’t the super popular Alfie or Freddie.

1. Alec

Alec is traditionally a short form of Alexander, but I’ve also seen him used as a full name. I’m sure you all have opinions about the expanding use of fingerprinting, and the man responsible for kids at my sister’s school having to use their index finger to take things out of the library is an Alec, Sir Alec Jeffreys to be precise.

Alexander means defending man, and 22 Alecs were born in the UK in 2009.

2. Red

From the English colour word, I think he has a lot of character to him. 8 males Red’s were born in the UK in 2009, compared to 4 females.

3. Ari

There are various origins for Ari:

  • Hebrew, meaning lion
  • Old Norse, meaning eagle
  • Armenian, meaning brave

21 little boys were born to the name Ari in 2009.

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One thought on “The Alfred Magnet: 3 Alternative Nicknames

  1. I had a feeling you’d pick Red as a short form!

    My husband loves the name Ari; unfortunately when he asked me what it meant and I said, “eagle”, he misheard it as “evil” and even though we eventually got it sorted out, I think it might have taken the shine off it a bit.

    Pity as it would sound super with our surname when most things don’t.


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