Namespot of the week: Silverstone and other travels

I’ve been up and down the country this week visiting Open Days, and then ending of the weekend with a trip to MG Live at Silverstone. Along the way, I of course spotted some lovely names:

Bo and Vinny. Let’s play guess the age. Do I see any advance of 70? You’d be at the wrong end of the stick, as this brother-sister duo on the vintage bus at Silverstone were both under 5. Bo was a rather excitable 3 something, and Vinny was a tad older at maybe 5. 

Ash. This Ash was not 3, but an OAP I sat in the new MG with. He was a darling.

Heidi and Lena. A sister duo from Germany that were also on the bus.

Whilst at Bath, we stayed at a hotel, in a room named Wisteria. That’s the third occasion I’ve seen the name this week. The first was in a book my sister currently has her nose in, the second at Bewitching Names.

And remember the name plates stand I spotted and mentioned a tad in the last post? Alongside the names Zeke and Tate, there was also a:

  • Frances
  • Gwen
  • Pippa
  • Sonny
  • Vincent
  • Wendy

 And whilst we’re on the subject, when I was on a ferry to Ireland last (?) month, I eyed up some monogrammed mugs, but neglected to mention them, some of the delights I remember seeing:

  • Aisling
  • Caoimhe
  • Oísín

Going back to the realms of motor sport, but not Silverstone, and not the Grand Prix that I fell asleep watching at the weekend, I went through some of the back archives of TopGear last night, and happened upon the Granny Doughnut Challenge, where they got 5 OAPs to do some doughnuts in a smart little hatchback. Their names?

  • Anne
  • Beryl
  • Gwyneth
  • Joy
  • Sadie

In a previous Name Spot post, I admitted to a secret love of the name Butterfly, and talked about the Albanian word for it which recently arose at The Character of Names, ‘lo and behold, she’s back with the Italian word: Farfalla. And I’m in love once again.

Whilst in Liverpool I bumped into three Alfred’s, thus I conclude I must have been wearing an Alfred magnet, as almost exactly the same day, lovely Walzing posted about him. I think someone is trying to say something to me.

At a restaurant last night, I met a friend I hadn’t seen for awhile. The last time I saw them, she was a girl named Rahda, and now she’s had a sex-change and is called Charlie. From a less popular name, to an extremely popular one.

At the same dinner, a friend told me they liked the names Cruz, Lily and Lola.

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2 thoughts on “Namespot of the week: Silverstone and other travels

  1. Phew, what a lot of names!! Haha, Alfred-magnet … hm not sure what you are being told there!!!

    Cruz, Lily and Lola sounds like a sibset you could run into in real life; also I just realised that two of them are Australian celebrity baby names I’ve featured on the blog. (We had a celebrity baby Lily in March, just a little early to be included). Your friend should move Down Under, I think. 😉


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